To My Future ‘Forever Person’


To My Future Forever Person,

Hi. Hey. It’s me…which you know, I’m sure. Sorry, I don’t know why I’m so nervous. How are you? Did I ask that already? Anyway, can I just start by saying that it’s nice to know that you actually exist? Some people were getting worried there. Really worried. People like my mother. And, well, people like me. I’ve been single for a while. But you know that since you know lots aka too much about me. Yikes. This is going very well!

So you exist. Which is amazing! And you like me. Scratch that, you love me! And I love you. Weird to say considering that at this moment I don’t know you. Or do I? I think that might be an issue for another day…

You’re my Forever Person. Let that sink in for a minute. I know it, and hopefully you know it too? And I actually have a few things to tell you. Newsflash, I talk a lot and pretty much always have something to say. You better be cool with that. But you will be.

First of all, thank you. I can’t say that enough. Thank you for putting up with my shit and sticking it out. For being there when I needed you, and even when I didn’t think I did. I know it hasn’t been easy. I’m not an easy person to love. Understatement of the century. Few have even made it to the love level. So I guess congratulations are in order also?

That was a joke. Sometimes I think I’m hilarious. You’re pretty good about laughing at the right times. And at the wrong times on occasion too. Those times made me fall for you in the first place.

By now you know that I’m bad about accepting compliments and all the ways you are nice to me. Honestly, I often think that you are too nice and that I don’t deserve it. But you never stop. Which I need, and I suppose I really secretly don’t want you to stop. You do balance it out with your profuse use of sarcasm and enough teasing to keep things interesting though. I’m never unentertained.

Can I gush about all the reasons why I love you for a minute? Good, it’s my letter and I’ll do what I want.

You’re smart, and charming, and always know what to say to make my day better. You play along when I want to do ridiculous things like make my birthday have a theme that requires costumes. (I already have next year’s picked out.) You think it’s cute that I am overly enthusiastic about the little things like getting the last cookie at the bakery. You never hesitate when I suggest going to a new bar or restaurant even if the food isn’t your favorite kind. You sing along to the radio with me even when I mess up the lyrics for the millionth time. You tolerate my requests to watch terrible movies and tv shows on Netflix. (I’ll watch whatever you want next time, I promise!) You accept that my family is crazy because where do you think I get it? But you love them anyway.

You’re strong in an understated way. You don’t flaunt it, but it’s there. You listen. Sometimes I don’t know how you remember it all! You go on adventures with me whether it’s to the neighboring town or out of the country. That’s barely the beginning of the list really.

Remember that time you were a complete dick last week? Calm down, this isn’t the start of a fight. You have a little temper, but it’s because occasionally you are way too passionate. And when we do fight, it’s a good fight, if that makes sense. Lots of communication and lots of compromise. Side note: when did we become a cheesy stereotypical couple that knows they have “good” fights?!

Do you look like what I expected? Kinda. You’re handsome for sure. I’m not saying GQ is calling you up for cover shoots, but you do it for me. Sorry, not sorry I tell you you’re cute constantly. And we look adorable in pictures together. So many selfies.

Have I mentioned I love talking to you? Before you, I used to be so good at keeping all my emotions deep down inside. It’s been a struggle for me to open up, and get used to the idea of someone wanting to be around despite knowing the stuff from my past. (Perhaps my slutty phase lasted longer than most peoples?!) I feel so comfortable with you and honestly really safe. That feeling is fantastic, if not scary.

I hope you understand that these are newer feelings that I’m still adjusting to. I’m ridiculously independent and relying on someone has never been on the top of my to-do list. I’ll get there if you can be patient.

Let me end by saying that I am ecstatic to meet you in some adorably unexpected way that sets both our hearts aflutter.

Because things happen just like in the movies, obviously. Kidding, I’m a realist. I know you will probably show up when I don’t expect it, when I don’t want it, and more than likely I won’t even realize that it’s happened. I’ll be playing hard to get not because I think it’s enthralling, but because I’m oblivious. Don’t give up on me! It’ll be worth it.

Until then, I’ll be over here enjoying the single life. Maybe I’ll see you out and you can buy me a drink sometime?

Love and kisses,
Your Future Forever Person