To My Future Maid Of Honor, I’m Sorry


I’m sorry for driving you crazy. For worrying about things you’ve already taken care of, for sharing every single cutesy story of my relationship, for keeping you late at my house going through wedding details for the hundredth time, for crying on your shoulder, for not realizing how selfless and thoughtful you are.

I’m sorry for the times I’ll put him first. You see, loving him is scary and exciting and new, and I want to devote my time and energy to this new bond. But I will never forget us. You will always be memories of my childhood, the backbone of my youth, and my true other half. Please don’t forget I love you.

I’m sorry for not thinking about you. For not finding out if you and the best man and you are compatible, or for not asking if you need to just grab some coffee and talk about your dating life instead of my wedding. I know that I’ll get carried away in my selfish thoughts. I hope you know I don’t mean to.

I’m sorry for all the times I made you third wheel. I mean, it paid off, right? Now we’re the real deal, so it was worth it….maybe? Now you’re used to our weirdness and cutesy-ness. Now you’ve seen us at our best and worst—you’ve seen it all. But I’m sorry that you had to deal with us all the time. We were probably suuuper annoying.

I’m sorry for the blind dates I set you up on. You have to know I always had the best intentions…even if the guy ended up being a sort of creep a time or two. Trust me, I was thinking about your happiness, not trying to scare you away.

I’m sorry for going to bed so early on our sleepovers. Being an almost-wife will get tiring. (Like a glass of wine and in bed before 11PM tiring.) Thanks in advance for putting up with me and never judging me.

I’m sorry for drinking all your wine. Because I know I will. Thank you for understanding that being a bride can be just as terrifying as it is exciting. And thank you for always refilling my glass.

I’m sorry for all the times I’ve been mad at you. I’m realizing now that the things I was mad about were probably immature and petty. And I’ve since realized what an angel you are and how much you don’t deserve anything but best friend hugs, kisses, and free booze.

I’m sorry for being sassy. There will be countless times (and countless more to come). Bridezilla. I know, I’ll work on it.

I’m sorry for almost running the proposal. Because I know I will. You should know I’ll be stubborn and not want to listen to you. Classic. But thank you for still pursuing so things go as planned. It will be beautiful, and I know you will help him out a lot, so thank you.

I’m sorry that so many moments have been all about me. I know it’s my wedding and all, but you’ll be incredible. Asking me about him and I, listening to my wedding-day dreams, watching me try on a hundred dresses. I know that my wedding bonds me and my man, but you’re the one I’m so blessed to have by my side. I love you. Please don’t forget that, even on my special day.