To My Labrador, My Miracle


Surviving two breakups makes you a fighter, a warrior of your own kind. As I started fighting my daily demons, I knew that I had someone to hold on to, I knew that I had someone to support me when I fall, god sends us angels in many forms some as parents some as friends and some as ones of your own, the day we firsts met we had issues of our own, we didn’t like each other at first, maybe just maybe because I had someone else in my life, someone underappreciated by me, but I loved that someone. I had none to help me go through my first breakup, I thought I was on my own, or maybe I was blind and I never saw you, but truly you weren’t invisible.

We had our share of fights and dislikes. We had our share of arguments. But when we both opened our hearts to each other we had love, I found love, the kind I was looking for, pure, honest, I started fighting with my daily demons you helped me to go through, comforted me, when I felt that no one wanted me I had you. Falling in love isn’t easy, falling in love with the wrong person is, I made my second mistake, I had you, the gentle shoulder to cry, by now we had our story built, how much we loved each other. You wanted me all for yourself the kind of selfish love I wanted, you hated the one who hurt me and I did too, looking back at or glory days all I can see is you.

Now I know that you are the miracle I prayed for. That one angel I wanted, god’s miracle in my life, my turning point. My miracle was a 4-year-old 80 pound Labrador.

When the ones I once called, my friends ended up being the biggest fakers I had you were there sitting next to me, proving me who a true friend is I had a friend in you. When the boy who’s a player broke my heart, I had you to prove me that you need no boy to save your day. I had you when the seas were rough I had you when the seas were calm. But little did I know that my happiness was short-lived.

I remember the last day I saw you. You were sick, it broke my heart to million little pieces but I prayed for you, wished for a miracle. A miracle for my living miracle. But my angel had to go back to where she came, my miracle ended. I sat next to you calmly touched your head. I wanted you to look at me, I wanted you to say that you love me. I begged and begged for you to look at me. but you didn’t. I called your name, I begged you to come back, tears were dripping down my cheeks but you weren’t there to wipe them away.

I touched you gently, you were pale, you had a little warmth, your gentle eyes shut, my happiness ended my happiness was lying on the floor. Cold, frozen, gone, you left me, something I was never prepared, I wish I could scream your name, so then you’d come back to me I had to say goodbye to the only one that loved me selflessly. My short-lived happiness, my best friend my comforter. 

God’s plan works in different ways, he had a plan for both of us. You to bring smiles to faces, me to realize what selfless love is. Now I know what my answered prayer is my miracle is. It’s time to say goodbye to you. My warrior princess, adieu! Thee lived Thee life to the fullest.

Thee fulfilled the creators plan. Adieu my love my companion. Until we meet again.