To My Second Chance


To my second chance,

You said it was never easy with us
I cared too much but you didn’t have one fuss
I cried in bed alone
While you were at the bar, still not acting grown

I’ve asked you for many chances
But all you did was meet my glances
You never failed to make me laugh
Even though I hated the way you sipped your draft

One night you took me out to dinner
We were older and I thought you were still my winner
But you left me with no hug or kiss
While I was waiting to feel my bliss

Every Friday night you text me past midnight
When I’m desperate, lonely, and ready to fight
But yet again I’m in bed alone
Wishing you were here so I could hear your morning groan

Maybe we are still meant to be
But I don’t know if I’m strong enough to climb that tree
I hate how weak I get
And sometimes wish we never met.