To The Best Friend I’ll Never Let Go


I was never easy to get along with…that I am sure of.  

On so many occasions, most people, if not all, find me reserved or aloof. And frankly, I don’t mind. I guess I started being this way when I’ve come to realize that not everyone will like you, and only a handful of individuals would really take interest in getting to know you… in understanding the depth of your soul. Not once did I imagine that I’ll have someone like you in my life.  

To be honest, I am still in awe at how we managed to stay friends through these years, given that we are two opposite poles with very little in common (everyone can attest to this).

While you were always smiling at everyone and laughing at the shallowest joke to show appreciation, I was often indifferent to the point that I disregard anything or anyone that I find vapid. You depict the unwavering positivity that Olaf carries around, while I am the very definition of Wednesday Addams from head to toe. To this day, it still fascinates me that I get to be best friends with you. I don’t have much in my life that I can truly be proud of, but I want you to know that you are one of the blessings this life has generously propel to my direction and I want to take this opportunity to let you know how grateful I am for having you.

I know we can’t always see eye to eye, nor agree on everything that will be held out in front of us… and I know we’re both not perfect, but I guess that’s what makes us better individuals and better together. For some reason, you always get it. Regardless of what I say, you always understand. I can go on and on about something and I don’t have to worry about what others might think, I can always rely on you to know exactly what I mean. Everyone else can judge away, but I’ll always have the assurance that there’s one person who wouldn’t judge me and respects that way I see this world.

Thank you for doing a great job at being my best friend…I can keep on raping my keyboard to express how much I love you, but words would never be enough to describe this amazing friendship that you have shared with me.

You are a wonderful woman, please do not ever think less of yourself.

In times that you’ll feel irrelevant and sad, know that I will always be here for you. I will be with you through the things your strength can’t handle alone. I want you to hold on to the idea that we will always have each other, because “each other” is what I have always hoped for in this friendship.  

I love you…

Your patience, your wisdom, your strength and your company. But most of all, I love your heart that has never once stopped loving me even during my terrible days. 

You are always there to pick me up on times that I even forget to value myself. You are brutally honest about things that you think would not help me grow. You are each member of my family outside my own home. You bring me comfort by just being with me, making me see that of all the mistakes I did,

I managed to make a few right choices along the way… that includes you.

There are tons of things we have yet to explore but you have brought so much in my life that I would never regret that day I decided to actually talk to you. Thank you for sharing most of your good times with me. For choosing me to be part of your joys and sorrows, and for making me feel worthy of being in your life.

To more wiser years with you, my number one home girl… thank you for simply existing. I’m all better because I have you.