To The Boy Who Decided To ‘Ghost Me’


I thought we had a connection. I thought we were honest with each other. I thought if anything were to happen, you would at least have the courtesy to be honest instead of stooping so low to ghost.

Apparently, I thought wrong.

But that’s okay. It’s really okay. If you feel guilty (though I highly doubt you do), don’t be, because you actually taught me a lot by leaving and ghosting, and knowledge is priceless.

You taught me that there can be terrible people in the world, because you yourself are one. I used to think the world was littered with good people, people who may not be nice, but good. In fact, I’d always believed that there is good in every single person. But you, dear sir, goes against all these beliefs. But that is okay because you taught me that there are people like you in this world. I now no longer believe that everyone is good, but you also have not broken my faith in humanity.

You taught me how much I can achieve and excel without you. In the first few months you disappeared from my life, I learnt so much about myself and how much of an empowering lady I can be. I used to center my self-worth around you, but now, I’m centering me on myself, and I love myself more than you could possibly love anyone.

You taught me how brave I can be and how much courage my small heart could contain. It takes true courage to let go of everything you ever had and ever wanted, and I let go of you. I still think about you sometimes and wonder how you’re getting by, but then I realized it’s a waste of my mental faculties to think about you, so I stop.

You taught me how to forgive people who are mean, unfair, and basically a pain in the ass. Because if I can forgive someone like you, I think I can pretty much forgive any horrible people. But I’d never forget the person you are. If you ever message me again, understand why there are blue ticks next to the Whatsapp message you have just sent and there are no replies, because idgaf. Actually, you know what? You should just keep up with the ghosting act.

So to you, the boy who ghosted me, thank you for teaching me valuable lessons and how to be the bigger person. I value honesty and you obviously don’t have that. So even though this isn’t a competition or anything, I just like to say that I’d won.