To The Boy Who Stole Me Away


You entered my world as a stranger. An unfamiliar face that didn’t deserve my trust. I didn’t know your motives, and I didn’t care to.

I was spoken for. Committed to someone else, and happy with that relationship. To me, you were just a minor character, occasionally appearing in the background of a scene. I never perceived you as a threat, the one that would hijack my life’s path.

Without invitation you broke into my world and shattered my former existence. You truly pulled off the perfect heist, for you stole my heart.

You were on the prowl for a while. Lurking in the background, creating your plans and schemes. All the while I carried on with the boy I belonged to, unknowing I was your target.

From there it happened quickly, as break-ins often do. Unknowing of the outcome, and somewhat ill prepared on your first theft attempt, you fumbled your way through the darkness of my existence, introducing yourself as a friendly acquaintance.

You lulled me into a false safety, convincing me you weren’t expecting anything from me. Your familiar face started popping up more and more, and suddenly that friendly acquaintance dropped the latter, and became just a friend.

And before I knew it, I was under your spell. Forgetting the other boy I was committed to, suddenly you stole every free moment my mind had. Instead of running away from this mind-thief, I was running toward you. I couldn’t get away, and I didn’t want to.

“Do I want him because he’s a change of pace? Do I want him because he’s…dangerous?”

When I thought there was no vacancy left in the space of my mind, these thoughts consumed me, cramming your mug even further into my psyche.

And then you were stalking me, as the thought of you became constant.

“What would you feel like? What would you taste like? How would it feel if I belonged to you?”

I knew it was wrong, but it somehow felt right too. You weren’t The One for me, but could you become The One?

I don’t know what gave you the courage to become such a criminal, taking something you knew wasn’t yours. There’s no question about it: you knew I was taken, and you wanted me anyway.

What I didn’t know was that you would somehow actually pull off this master plan. You saw into my soul, and felt that I wanted to be kidnapped, taken, whisked away by you, once an outsider in my complicated world.

It’s strange now, to consider you once were a stranger whose face wasn’t familiar. Whose voice wasn’t the sound of home, and touch the feeling of safety. Because now, you are all those things and more to me.

To look back and see your entrance as a “friendly acquaintance” doesn’t give you the justice you deserve. While your role may have started as a minor character, your dabbling with the dark side thrust you into the slot of leading man, filling the other half of my heart, a role I thought I had already cast.

Thank you for risking it all, and pulling off the perfect crime. If you hadn’t have stolen my heart back then, by now I would have handed it over.