To The Brave Men All Boys Need To Look Up To


A man needs to save himself. This has been one of my biggest personal revelations. And deep down, a woman wants to see that a man has what it takes to do just this. I once held a belief that the men who came into my life, broken and tattered, looking for love, but unable to be vulnerable, were coming to me to me to be saved.

And let me declare, I did everything I could to “save” them…defended their character when needed, bailed them out, took them in, justified their abusive actions as “hurt souls” that didn’t know how else to act. I let them come and go as they pleased, gave them more than they asked for and held faith that all would be well one day in the near future.

I did all this because I believed that they needed me to in order for them to move forward in a positive manner. But now I see, I was doing just the opposite. I was oppressing their deep soul need to save themselves, to bring themselves out of the ruts and ditches they’d gotten so accustomed to. I was getting in the way of their own soul growth.

I look around me and I see many lost souls, mostly men. I see them struggling through life, harming themselves and those around them. It has always broken my heart to see men of all ages living with so much pain inside of them, not knowing where to turn or who to trust.

Over time, I’ve come to acknowledge that I’ve been approaching the healing of huMANity in a way that has been a disservice to all of us. It all came from a place of pure heart and honest intentions, it just wasn’t what was needed or what would actually work in the long run for the true uplifting of our species as we stand in our current culture.

Each person needs to come to their own recognition of true authentic personal empowerment. We can’t do this for each other. As I came to accept that my role needed to be quite different in this matter, I saw the vision of what would really work to shift the way men stand in the world. I saw the solution that could help with the dissolution of all this pain and suffering. I saw men standing up for other men. Men reaching out to other men. Men taking the hands of the young boys who stood motionless and emotionally drained in their own lives, and lifting them up to see a new way. Men giving opportunities of a fresh day to the kids who ran from all the pain they felt inside. I saw men embracing men, helping each other face their own fears and release all the tears that they had stifled for years as they kept a straight face. I saw a new kind of human race walking this Earth as we pass through time.

As this vision settled into my being, men who were ready and willing to do this (or were already doing these things that I had seen in my vision) started showing up in my life left right and centre. I have been clearly shown that the masculine is ready to heal, to reempower and to stretch their arms to their brothers to bring them in for a warm embrace.

This poem and this letter is for all the men who I have seen stepping into these roles of empowering others through selfless acts of compassion and caring. This is for the men who I see sharing themselves in ways that used to be seen as weak and feeble.

It is a poem of recognition, followed by a letter of encouragement, of support, of hope, and faith. It is a letter written for the evolution of this human race.

Dear Brave Men,
I see you.
Removing your armour and climbing to the tops of the hills so you have a better view.
I wasn’t sure how many of you existed in this world still.
I thought it was few.
But now I see what is true, there are many of you.
Thank you for taking the vow to always protect, support and honour those around you.
The elders, the women, the men, the children. We need you.
It’s true.
We can’t do it alone.
We have finally realized that our home
is not the same without you holding the frontline down.

Thank you for stepping up.
Thank you for taking the vow
and now doing what you can to uphold it,
to grow old with it deeply etched in your whole being.
Thank you for hearing the call, and seeing the need for your existence.
Thank you for pushing through our resistance.
Yes, now we know, it’s true.
We need you.

Dear Brave Men,
There is something that I need to say – something that I need you know.
I’m a dreamer, an idealist, a believer that the world can and will change for the better. I feel we can move forward from where we are right now and be this change that we know is possible. A change that brings a deep sense of equality and justice for all.

You dear Brave Men, I believe are an integral part of this change.
The world has gotten to such a state of disarray, so much pain and suffering. We need you now. We need you to be the brave men you were brought here to be. Brave men of peace. Brave men of harmony. Brave men of the gentlest kind.

We need you to show up now. And to pass these peaceful, gentle, brave qualities and virtues to the next generation of boys who are being born into this world. We need the young boys to know that they too are part of this change. They are a huge part of this change. The boys of today are the men of tomorrow, and it is is up to you now, in this present moment to use your heart and your head to teach these boys how to become
the next generation of brave men.

A boy needs to be shown how to respect those around him. The people, the animals, all the aspects of this natural world, Mama Earth, our living home.

And you, dear Brave Men, I believe are the ones to show them these things. Through example, and through dedication to creating a better world – a world that respects, supports and honours elders, women, men, and children will be created. Not every man who walks the earth at this time knows how to respect himself, but you, dear Brave Men, do.

Therefore, you know how to respect all that surrounds you. Please dear Brave Men, keep stepping up and stepping forward so that we can all move toward a more peaceful way of life that respects, supports and honours all beings. We are a beautiful human species. Let us allow that beauty to truly shine, so we can be reminded of why we exist right now.

Respect. Support. Honour. May we all know these traits as aspects of ourselves that are integral pieces of who we are and how we walk in this world. Thank you for hearing my peaceful cries for a new way that is strengthened every day.

Many blessings of gratitude,
A Wild Woman.