To The Friends Who Need To Remember That No Matter The Distance We Love Them


You know exactly that distance has pulled us apart and I’ve missed your special moments more than once. I heard you’ve finished your research paper and you will be graduating soon, but I wasn’t there to congratulate you. I heard you’ve been struggling a lot and you’ve been trying to make everything falls into place, but I wasn’t even there when you needed someone to talk to.

I’m sorry that the universe puts our friendship in distance, but you have to know that I’m here and I’ll always near.

I remember that evening you asked, “Do I deserve life?” and I couldn’t answer it immediately, simply because you deserve more than life.

You deserve this whole universe and you deserve to be loved.

I’m sorry that life has put you into a deep dark hole and you’ve been trapped for months in there, but I wish you could acknowledge the truth that you can always ask me to be on your side. We will decorate the hole together with some colorful lamps and we will laugh at those old memories we’ve never forgotten. The hole will be our secret place to tell some stories and when you’re ready, I will help you to build a ladder so you can come out from there as a brand new person.

Little do you know, you are more than enough. You are a fighter and you’ve won countless battles in life. So this time, please fight for one more day. Then, when tomorrow comes, fight again. Do it again for the day after tomorrow; fight again, again, and again. As you fight day by day, you won’t realize that you’ve made it through. All you have to do is to take one day at a time. All of this will pass, sooner or later.

When you’re tired of fighting the life and it seems like forever, you’ll always be welcomed to talk to me. You can say all the things you want and I’m here to listen. Those thousand miles of distance won’t mean a thing because it only takes your courage and honesty to tell me all the burdens you’ve kept in your heart.

You’ve said that you’re lost and confused. It’s totally okay because so is everybody in this world and so am I. Nobody really knows how to live this life and all they do is going through one day at a time. I know by heart that the cruelness of life made your thoughts turned into a poisonous sound in your head and it’s telling you to give up. I can’t help you to shut down your own thoughts, but I can assure you that we’re in this together and that poisonous thought is our true enemy. I will help you to fight your own thoughts and I believe that you’ll be the one who wins it.

I won’t hate or judge you for having a poisonous thought; how could I hate someone who dares to be honest with her insecurity? You are one of the people I’ll always look up to, simply because you’re braver than I am; you’ve tried to accept your insecurities meanwhile I’m still denying mine. You’re one step ahead of me and you have to be proud of yourself.

I won’t sugar coat things and I won’t give you those ‘don’t give up’ quotes, but I can promise you that I will be here. You can be worried about your college friends who might give up on you, but you don’t have to worry about me because I won’t leave you alone.

In this world full of 7 billion people, you can count me as one of the people who cares for you.

I’m sorry that I can’t be at your side to give you warm hugs when you had a bad day, but please always remember that my prayers for you will arrive even we’re a thousand miles apart. Deep down from my heart, I wish you’ll always find peace and ease in the hands of the universe.