To The Future Love Of My Life


I do not know who you are. I do not know if we’re friends right now or if we have already met, but I know that as of this moment, I chose you as my boyfriend and I guess that counts for something. Actually, it counts for a lot because you’re probably making me really happy right now, possibly more than I deserve. But the thing with happiness is it’s sometimes fleeting.

There will be days that I won’t be happy. Days where not even you can turn that frown upside down. There will be days that I wouldn’t want to talk to you because I just want to be by myself, alone with my foul mood. There will be days that I will do some god-awful things that will probably push you to the brim of leaving me. On these days, I will not blame you for hating me, for loathing me, or for disliking me, but I hope that it is on these days that you find it in your heart to find the love you have for me.

I have been hurt before, whether you know the stories or not (maybe you can ask me after this, if you’re not familiar). I want you to know that for me to have chosen you, it must have taken me a lot thought and a lot of time to decide that you’re worth it. To decide that we can be worth it, because it’s a promise I made to myself. Whether we’ve dated for only a month or a year, know that I probably love you very much to have taken the leap to try and love again despite knowing only failures in my past relationships. You are a source of joy in my life and I hope that I can give you the same. I have every intention of keeping you, though there will be days that I might seem like I hate you or loathe or even dislike you, but the fact that I am still staying with you means that there is still a lot of love left in my heart.

My love, I know that we are only beginning and that there are still a lot of storms that we have to weather through, but I ask that you stay with me.

Hold my hand when it gets rough, hug me tighter when I want to walk away and remind me that all storms pass and that I will see happiness again the next day. Fight for us because I will fight for you.

To have reached this point in our relationship means that I treasure you so much in my heart that it would pain me if you left. I can stand on my own two feet and hold myself, of course, but do not throw my heart away and say that you’re done with me. Although, I can take it, I do not wish to go through the pains of another break up again.

You are a beautiful person but should you find the need to leave, please tell me the reason. Tell me if there is no ounce of love left in you, if you have found someone else, if you would rather choose yourself first before anybody else. because you know that I love you and that I will accept whatever you feel. Another promise I made myself long ago was that should a person ever leave me, I will fight but only to an extent and eventually if the person still decides to leave, I will make it easy for them to.

What I have always believed a relationship should be is that it should be an avenue for two people to grow and prosper as individuals, if you find that our relationship is already hindering your growth as a person, please tell me and maybe we can think of a compromise. Continue to communicate with me and tell me what you want out of this. It’s not just me in this relationship and it’s not just you. It’s the both of us. I will stand by you for as long as you are beside you. I will forgive you for as long as you also forgive me. But most of all I will love you for as long as you love me.

My love, this is only the beginning, but I would like to be with you through thick and thin, through storm and day and possibly for the rest of my life.