To The Girl Struggling To Find Good Friends


To the girl struggling to find good friends, I am here to tell you that there are not only good friends in this world, there are AMAZING friends in this world.

To the girl in a toxic friendship that you want to get out of but you feel like you can’t get out of or that you feel like you won’t find as “good” of friends as the people you’re friends with right now:

I am here to attest to the fact that you will.

You will find friends who will support you like you support them.

You will find friends who will drop everything to go to Sonic with you during happy hour when you are having a bad day.

You will find friends who you don’t have to watch what you say around.

You will find friends who value your friendship as much as you do theirs.

You will find AMAZING friends.

To the girls who don’t know if they are in a toxic friendship or not:

If you are even questioning whether you are in a toxic friendship or not, you probably are.

Listen to this quote and really think about the friendships you are in. Do they do these things or do they do the opposite?

“Keep people who love you, motivate you, encourage you, enhance you, and make you happy. If a person does none of these things, let them go”

Pray about it. If God wants you out of the friendship he will open a door to do so.

Pay attention to the doors opening that may not make sense. God works in mysterious ways.

Don’t be afraid to give other people a chance.

Trust God and the way he’s moving in your life.

“If there is a particular person in your life that is repeatedly choosing not to honor you and is causing you more sadness or pain than they are joy – it might be time to release that friendship back to God and trust that it is not where you belong.”- Mandy Hale