To The Girl Who Broke My Family


I knew you were hurt. The one you loved didn’t love you enough to stay. He scarred you. He left you, your love, and your friendship. In all of this I was there right by your side. Even when you said things that broke my heart in half. Even when you thought your pain outweighed what I was going through. I was there. So then why, why did you do this to me.

When I lost my love, I decided to build my home in my friends and I loved them to death. I still do. Then there came the time when I had to give time to my goals and couldn’t find enough time for my best guy. And then you came along. You decided to ruin all I had left. To run from your demons, you used my best friend and he who was seeking love fell right in your trap. I warned you, begged you to not do this to him, to me, to my family, but even after knowing everything, seeing it was breaking us, you dragged him away a little every day, and he chose you. He chose you.

It was five miserable months before I gathered the courage to come back, take what all I was getting, reviving what all was left. But you, you never stopped. You still ruin us a little every day. And we try to rebuild it on the next.

My best friend is an amazing person. Good at heart. He doesn’t know what he is worth. He has a bad habit of giving in easily. He tries to do his best. And you put your wishes first before his likes and dislikes.

I often wonder – do you even care a little about him?

All you did was control him. And worse than that, you tell everyone about how casual this is for you and how is he falling for you. Though I knew this, listening to all this from someone who doesn’t even know my best friend properly and the touch of sympathy in their voice broke my heart. But remember all your efforts are in vain. You can never take him away from me. I will be there for him. You tried once and you failed, and mark my words you will fail again.

I loved you once as a friend. You broke our friendship and broke what I had with my best friend. What kind of person does that? I have bitter feelings for you. I hope every day that he realizes that he deserves all the love in this world. He deserves someone who will lift him up when he falls. Who will help him be the best he can be. Not someone who was selfish enough to use him.

He deserves so much better than you.