To The Girl Who Had Everything Planned Out: You Are NOT A Failure Because Things Fell Through


When you were a little girl, you had big dreams for your life. You made goals to excel in every aspect. You wanted to have the best of friends, nicest car, highest stats in sports and to one day make all of your dreams come true.

Dreams that included graduating with the highest honors from college, landing your dream career and to be married by 25.

You had a plan for your life. 

Now you realize that not every plan you had for yourself were you able to make into a reality.

You may have realized that your high school sweetheart was a major douchebag.

After you graduated from high school, you may not have had the perfect opportunity like all your friends had to go away to a four-year university and have the best experience of your life.

Being forced to grow up too fast was the road you had to travel down. Years of college didn’t quite turn out exactly as you had planned.

Your vision of your perfect dream job turned into a mediocre Monday through Friday busting your ass for forty plus hours a week just to make ends meet.

You sit in your office every day daydreaming of what your life could have been.

Married by 25? Ha, yeah right. What were you thinking? It’s like you have a sign on your forehead that says, “if you’re an asshole, please come ruin my life.”  You can’t even get a text back, let alone a marriage proposal.

I want you to know, that yes, your plans for yourself may have failed.

But YOU are NOT a failure.

This exact moment in your life, exactly where you are, is where you are supposed to be.

Everything in life happens for a reason. One small change that you look back on and regret could also be the one change that went against your own destiny.

It is OK to not have all of the answers, you are never going to. Most days you wake up and you feel like a complete and total mess and that is OK.

Wake up every day and strive to be a better person than you were the day before.

Make just one positive change in your life towards your future. Push through the bad times, and most importantly, take a break and cry when you need to.

Life isn’t easy, but I promise you that you can get through anything you set your mind to. You still have time to be exactly what you wanted to be when you “grow up.”

It’s going to be hard work, but your life hasn’t been a walk down the easy lane, and you have made it this far. Make a plan for your life, make short term and long term goals for yourself and don’t let anything interfere with them.

Your soulmate will find you one day, and he will love you for the hot mess that you are. I promise. Jobs come a dime a dozen; you will eventually find a job that you don’t dread waking up and going to every morning.

In life, you get what you put in, so give it your best shot.

Figure out the best path to go down to accomplish everything you want for your life given your situation, and don’t stop until you get it.

Grind, baby girl, because one day you were just a little girl with big dreams that you promised to make come true, so don’t disappoint yourself.