To The Girl Who Is Always The Rebound


Here’s to the rebound girl, the one that thought everything was perfect until she felt as if she wasn’t enough.

Here’s to the girl who made him laugh, who laughed at his jokes, and who boosted his ego. Here’s to the girl he brought to his friends, with no clear title, but with feelings of hope for the future.

Here’s to the girl he convinced he was over his ex to. Here’s to the girl who believed that what he said, how he acted, and how he dated were signs he was over her.

This is for you.

You are enough. You’re more than enough. You are independent and strong and full all on your own. You are not broken. It’s not you that was in the wrong. He is incomplete.

He is not ready for a woman that can stand on her own. He liked you for the way you supported him. And laughed with him. And how uncomplicated you made things. He liked you because you were everything he needed, whether he knew it or not. But you were too much for him. He needed someone that needed him more. It’s not that you weren’t enough. It’s not that he was unsatisfied. It’s not that you will never find the one.

You’re the perfect rebound relationship because you make people happy. You are infectious and you are strong and you are perfect as you are.

And you won’t always be the rebound. You will find him, the one that’s ready for you. The one who will accept you and offer you more than you can imagine. You will be fulfilled. And it has nothing to do with the man who wasn’t ready for you. The one who went to you to mend a broken spirit.

You are more than a rebound. You are everything.

And when you stop settling for fixing everyone else’s problems and broken spirits, you’ll find a complete person who can, and will, love you fully.