To The Girl Who Loved A Guy Who Only Loved Himself


Listen to me carefully.

There are days when you find yourself awake at 3 AM not knowing what to do after your phone rings and it’s their name plastered on your cellphone screen. You will pick up and waste time talking about non-sense and his extreme fondness of himself. After a few hours you will curse in the air as you see sunlight beaming through your bedroom window and yet think of how it was all worth it because it was his voice you heard.

There are going to be days when you would feel so unrestricted and free and then suddenly all you have are his messages asking you if the two of you can meet up, get dinner and maybe grab a couple of beers. You’ll think that it’s okay and you’ll dress your best and spray on that special perfume that he likes so much because you hope that maybe this will finally be the day that you’ve been waiting for.

He will tease you about the slight blush of your cheek when he sees you walk towards him from across the room. He will bring up topics that make you smile, giggle and laugh. He will order your favorite salad, even requesting the right amount of dressing you like. He will dazzle you with his wits and you will fall in love again. The days of saying you’re ready to move on will be the same number of seconds he can convince you to change your mind.

This person will make you feel secure and give you numerous reason to love every strand of his being but regardless of your faithfulness he can never promise you his.

He will give you time but never his heart. He will go on dating other women and go back to you when he feels you slipping. He will give you hope, he will give you his hand and he will give you lies.

He is going to ruin you and you’ll just sigh because you already know yet you can’t stop from falling in because he just makes it seem so enticing. He will make you dependent upon him through every call, text, and date. He will continually break your heart, help you fix it and break it again. Then eventually, when you’ve given everything you’ve ever had, you’ll realize it’ll never be enough and that he can never really love you with all of his heart.

Listen to me; you need to get out now. You have to drop him and run like hell.

You have to face your fear that he may never be yours because in truth, he will never belong to anyone. He will always just belong to himself.

You have to know that you were only a passing face and you can never really change his ways.

Let go dear girl because if you trap yourself like this, chances are you’ll never meet your real prince.