To The Girl Who Thinks She Has To Settle



You are always enough for the man that’s meant to love you. You won’t have to put on makeup in fear that you might not be beautiful because with the right man you’ll never have to worry. You’ll never have to worry when he’s out with his friends and you’ll never have to worry if you’re the only one. With the right man you won’t have doubts. He’ll always reassure you because he knows about your past heartbreaks and how they’ve left scars.

With the right man he’ll find things about you that you’ve never noticed before; like the way you scrunch your face when you look in the mirror or the way you sound when you’re about to eat after a long day. He’ll take you to places that he knows you’ll like and he’ll open the doors for you just like a gentleman.

With the right man, you won’t have to worry if you’re just there to pass time because he incorporates you into his future. He’ll want to introduce you to all his friends because he’ll want to show the world how amazing you are. He’ll hold your hands when you’re afraid and you’ll suddenly feel like the world is less scary with him by your side.

With the right man simple things like a walk in the park suddenly becomes magical. Arguments and pride won’t go hand in hand because his biggest fear is losing you, not the argument. With the right man, you’ll know because you’ll start asking yourself how did you ever get so lucky? He won’t promise things will always be easy, but he’ll promise to always fight for you because you’re worth it to him.

So please believe me when I say there are better things ahead than any we leave behind. Let go of things that no longer bring you happiness and let the universe take care of the rest. Don’t settle. Often times we don’t even know what we’re missing out on until it arrives.


Chriselle G.