To The Girls Who Were Never Loved


Here’s to the broken-hearted: To the ones who had almosts. To the ones who had been cheated on. To the ones who had gotten replaced. To the ones who were never enough. To the ones who were too much to handle. To the ones who thought they were loved, but were just… used.

Beloved, this world is unfair. Yes, sometimes it could be beautiful and enticing, but it could poison you as well. You have to be careful with whom you trust and open your heart to. When the unthinkable happens, forgive. Forgive the person who hurt you. Forgive yourself for giving that person the power to hurt you. Be the bigger person. There’s no use in pondering on memories that were filled with lies.

You deserve the real thing. You deserve something authentic. You are worthy of love.

Women aren’t dolls they get to undress and played with. You are more than just a body that is used to satisfy the desires of his flesh. You are a beautiful soul. Your heart might be weary, your confidence might be dwindling down, and all you see might just be brokenness. Beloved, always remember that you are brave and courageous. Endure. Feel every ounce of pain. Surrender.

Do not lose heart for there is so much more to life that you are missing out on. Do not let him suck the energy that’s left inside of you. He might have won the break up. Heck, he might even have the guts to be happy after everything he has done. Let him be. It just reflects on the person that he is. It wouldn’t take long until you realize that you never really knew that person at all. Don’t be reduced to being just a girl – because you are so much more. You are an artwork that’s filled with color in her eyes. You are a melody that echoes beyond the galaxy. You are filled with so much potential – even more than you realize.