To The Guy Who Won’t Tell Me What He Wants


So, you like me.
It’s pretty obvious at this point in our friendship/relationship…whatever you want to call it. But you won’t tell me what you want. You spend countless hours a day flirting with me. Playfully calling me pet names even though we aren’t together. You casually mention different things to me like how you’ll buy me that necklace that I like one day.

You jokingly say how “I’m your girl.” and how “I’m your one and only.” and how you’re going to fill the so-called “void” in my life. But I need to know something. What does all this mean? I’m confused to no end about where we stand and what you want out of this potential relationship with me and I don’t know how to bring it up without coming across as vulnerable, naive or stupid.

You flirt but you’re not doing much more. We’ve been friends for a while now. When we first met and got to know each other, I fell for you. Hard. I’d never felt a chemistry like that before. I mean, we just clicked. After a while, I decided to give up because all you were doing was flirting. That was it – no more, no less.

You’ve flipped a switch. Here recently you’ve been different. A good kind of different and I appreciate it. You’ve been more willing to open up to me about certain events in your life, talk religion and things that are important to me. You’ve been complimenting me in the subtlest ways. I would be lying if I said that these things didn’t make my day.

I’m not good at this stuff.
I’ve never been good at feelings or dating. To be honest, I’ve never really dated. However, I do know what I want when I am dating and what I’m looking for. Just let me be blunt by saying you possess most of those qualities.

I know you’ve been hurt in the past.
I get it. You’ve been hurt in the past and I hate that for you. I hate that you are so scarred by it. I wish I could fix that. But I want you to know that I’m not like her and my intentions are not to hurt you.

Date me already.
Here I am, heart wide open, ready to give you a shot. So please, if you do decide you want the shot, don’t break my heart. I’m wearing it on my sleeve.