To The Man Who Abused Me (And Banged Craigslist Hookers)


It has been almost 11 months since I have spoken a word to you. Since I have looked into your dark, hostile eyes with fear, resentment, bewilderment, and confusion. I no longer have to sit silenced in a corner, listening to you put me down and tell me no one will ever love me. That I am a useless human being…that I am nothing.

You took advantage of the fact that I was an innocent young woman, trying to figure out this so called life. You handcuffed my hand and led me down a path of emotinal abuse. Constant put downs, constant days when I would starve myself so I could feel something….feeling anything.

I’ve become completely numb to you.  You almost took all of the energy out of me. You emotionally/mentally abused me for the last three years and I almost lost myself completely. Cutting you from the life has made me realize how great and strong of a person I am. I am slowly gaining my self-esteem back and also eating WHATEVER I want – without feeling bad. I ignored a lot of my loved ones and told them they were wrong. That is one of the things I regret the most. They weren’t wrong. You brainwashed me so much that I almost turned against my family.

Finding all those disgusting Craiglist e-mails before I finally decided to leave was the final straw. Over 40 e-mails to girls who look like they are barely legal, conversations with Lady Shockress (Really…that name?), e-mails with hookers – was what i found in your e-mail. Barf…really? CRAIGSLIST GIRLS? After telling me the first time I caught you that it was “a joke”. I was so brainwashed that I believed you the first time around. This time you thought using a different e-mail to hide your dirty deeds would save you – but it didn’t. You prick.

These e-mails dated back throughout our 3 years of dating…and even after the days you kicked me out of OUR place.(Are you that dumb to use your same password for every e-mail address?…typical man move.) The day after i left, you sent out an e-mail for prospects “Hey, you looking for some fun? I live on [censored] and [censored].” And then a picture of you from 4 years ago. Why use an old photo from 4 years ago? Maybe you are starting to realize that your 30 year old self can’t pulll girls like you use too or the fact that your face looks like a rat.

I have all the evidence saved in my computer, so don’t worry about going back into your e-mail and deleteing.manipulating everything.
My favorite pick up lines you enjoyed using with these Craigslist whores were

“Hey, if you think I’m hot..wait til you hear my accent ;)”


“You’re hot, I’m hot…we should talk ;)”

Dear god, you are the biggest tool, it makes me cringe. I have it all and that’s all the proof I need.

I think you are a sick individual and need help. Being away from you these past 11 months has allowed me to regain my health and clear my head. I now see you for the monster you really are – I do not regret the day I ran away away from you.

I now laugh whenever someone brings up your name. You are a complete joke to me. So continue playing the innocent vicitim. You’ll never know what I found in your e-mail or why I left you. Drown in your sorrows.

You are dead to me.

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