To The Man Who’ll Be Lucky Enough To Date My Best Friend


So I understand she’s been waiting for you.

I can see it in the way she taps her foot gently but hurriedly at the end of a Sunday night, after another week has passed.

I can see it in the subtle way she sneaks a glance at a passing figure she thinks may be you.

And I understand you’re looking for her too,

But I’m telling you to take your time.

Take some time to grow up, so that when you do find her, you are ready to be what she needs.

Take some time to find your feet in this fast paced world, so that you can confidently sweep her off hers on the worst of days and carry the both of you in your stride.

Take some time to find your voice, so on the days when she needs it the most, you are able to compose the words she needs to hear.

Take some time to learn the fragility and fleetingness of life, so that you recognize the moments with her as the treasures which they will be.

Take some time to strengthen your character, so that when she collapses into your arms on a long and hard earned day your arms and heart can reassuringly hold her.

Take some time to find yourself, so that on days when she is lost you can be her unfaltering homecoming beacon.

Take some time getting to know yourself, so that when you do find her, you will selflessly be able to give all that you are to her.

And she will love you.

All of you.

Because I promise you that when you do find her,

My beautiful best friend whose laugh is infectious;

whose kind eyes will light up when you’re near;

who I have fought and laughed with…

I promise you that it will have been worth your while.

She is strong on her feet, but sometimes she will need you to lean on.
She speaks her mind, but she will need your reassuring smile to remind her of her own potential.

She is gentle and kind, but she will fight ferociously on your side.
And when the day comes and you do find her,

Love her,

And don’t let her ever know what heartbreak feels like.