To The Men Who Feel Like They Are Only A Second Choice


I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that you feel that way. I’m sorry that every time you fall in love, you always end up with a broken heart. I’m sorry that when you try to give your heart away, they shove it right back at you. I’m sorry that when you try to care for someone, you end up being the “nice guy”, the one “best friend”. I’m sorry you always felt like a second choice. I’m sorry.

You deserve so much better. It makes me sad that despite of everything I have told you, you can never seem to find yourself worthy of anyone. People have broken your heart so much that you have given up believing your importance.

Please stop. Please stop tossing yourself aside feeling like a trash because you are not. You are worth more than any treasure. You are not just some “nice guy” that someone can run into when needed and then ignore when not. You are a great guy that is willing to give a piece of you to someone that needs it. You are a selfless, caring and loving person. You do not deserve someone who will take you for granted. You do not deserve someone who will call you to save her in a high tower, just to leave you there up high when a knight in a shining armor comes for her. I don’t want you to be that knight since that is an insult to you. You have been so brave, so strong, so fearless. You are not just knight in a shiny suit; you are a warrior that have fought so many fight and despite of not being recognised for what you have done, you have gallantly stood your post and let the king be honored.

You are not just some second choice. You may think otherwise but, you are not. You are a special choice. Only a special person can find you and though there are so many people in this world, it is not everyday that you will find that special person. You are a diamond. Not many people can identify the real diamond from a fake one and that’s why you seem to have a hard time finding that person, but, it is not because of that. They are the ones that is having a hard time realising your real worth.

I know that you have been rejected a lot of times already. It’s even making you give up already. Don’t. Love is like a journey that you need to travel. I want you to remember that every rejection is just a change of road for you, and maybe, just maybe, you are having a hard time with your trip because you are actually headed to the airport where you need to fly and get to another place and there, you will find her waiting for you, holding out a sign that tells you that she is that one you should go to. That she is the one who will not call you up in a high tower but will be the one who will cry and wash away the thorns in your eyes after you fall.

She will be the one who will come to your post and offer to stay with you while the world honors the king. She will be the one who will selfishly keep you to herself when you have given yourself too much to the others. She will be the one to make you her priority because, you are not some second choice. You will be the one she will choose. And not because you are some guy who offers his heart, or you want to take care of her, or since you are a nice guy and the best friend any one can have – it will be because she loves you.