To The Nice Guy And The Girls He Doesn’t Want Anymore


Recently I have been reading all these articles about “the nice guy.” I mean, yes, we get it. You guys are awesome, and we were nothing but total bitches to you. This article is for the “nice guy” and for the bitch that broke your heart. I was that bitch once and I am sorry, but not sorry.

So, I dated a douchebag. Yes, not one, there were many more. Yes, you claimed to like me then. Ever wonder why? It’s for the same reason I liked that douchebag. I was a challenge. I gave you the same high, euphoria and everything else that the douche bag gave me. I was a project to you, just like how he was, to me. Also, have you ever thought that while you were chasing me, you were pushing away a nice girl, who was chasing you? So, don’t hate the player, hate the game. It sucks, but that is just how it is.

Now, for all the girls, who have dated the wrong men, IT’S A-OK! Let’s make one thing clear; I am not talking about the molesters, abusers, and psychopaths (Seriously, what were you thinking?) I am referring to the guy who played games, didn’t answer your phone calls, or text messages. You know the kind I am talking about! You did it because when he was with you, it was perfect. Nothing else mattered. You liked the chase, the game, the player and everything about it. It was exciting and you were young. So, why shouldn’t you? I mean seriously, isn’t your youth for experimenting and trying to figure yourself out? If not now, when? You need to know what you want out of a relationship and more importantly, what you don’t want. The answers to which you will only know by dating the wrong guys. Seriously, if you dated the right guy all along, would you really appreciate him? NO! Just look at Bridget, from Bridget Jones’s Diary. She appreciated Mr. Darcy only after dating the douchebag, Daniel Cleaver.

Honestly, “the nice guy,” I don’t know what you are complaining about! I mean, when we do decide to be with you, we appreciate you, value you and would not take you for granted. Isn’t that what you want out of any relationship? You should thank the douchebag for this. It’s because of the douchebag that we are sure we want to be with you. We would wake up every single day, thanking him, for making us realize what we would be missing, if we ended up with him. Yes, it took us a while to get here. Yes, you were probably miserable, but you built your empire in the meantime (or, so you claim). Isn’t that a win-win situation for everyone?

Finally, if you have an option to date a younger girl now, please do. But let me tell you, she is with you for your money! Sooner or later she would want the same high that we were chasing when we were her age. So, when she leaves you, we will be right here, to tell you, “I told you so.” After all of this, you might realize our value and hopefully, we would still want you!

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