To The One I’ll Always Love


Nights are empty, days are dark, all I can think about is the day I met you. As I stop by my mind, all I see is you staring at me with a hint of hope in my eyes begging this would be a dream. As hours pass by, all I am hoping is to see your name on my notifications, trying to close my eyes and hoping it to be you when my phone vibrates.

My body is shaking with fear, fear of losing you forever.

Love is not what we had, it was more, it was the type of love which lost its explanation, the type that got our ego rest, it was the type that made us apologise first, it was the type that made us stick together, the type that will forever be wandered off, the type that boosted Our strengths, the type that allowed our souls to be explored.

A day spent with you felt like a day full of tuition. Never have I opened my heart in such way, that I would have been destined to heal it again.

And when I heard your heart beat, it felt magical, it was unreal, I was in a world full of glitter. Where love was real, and hatred was non-existent, the type of world where only lovers would meet and swans would be the sign of the world showing its purity and beauty.

You will always mean so much to me, more than I could have ever imagined, the distance we have can’t be measured but, to me you’ll always feel near, my heart will always cry out for you.

I hope to see you smile wherever you go.