To The One Who Everyone Else Depends On


First off, please know you are appreciated. Though you might not have received the “thank you”, “good job”, “well done”, or the appreciation you’ve always anticipated, it doesn’t lessen the worth and value of your efforts. When people don’t see your value and worth, know that your reward is greater in heaven. Keep doing the things you are doing as an overflow of what you have. Keep sowing goodness and one day your harvest will be plentiful.

You don’t have to carry the weight of the world in your shoulders.

You might always be the shoulder to cry on of your hurting friends, that’s okay. But, know that you can also go to them when you need someone to cry your heart out too. I know you go through your own sets of struggles too. You can’t handle all the stress of your friends or others and you don’t have to. Be vulnerable with the right people. It’s okay to find your go-to person too.

It’s not bad if you can’t say “yes” to everything.

Although your heart always wants to be of service to others, you simply can’t say yes to everything and that’s okay. Don’t feel bad about the no’s you have given. Don’t fear missing out. Figure out and weigh your list of priorities. More than that, stick to them. Say yes only to things that really matter. And, as you say yes to others, don’t forget to leave at least one or two yeses for yourself.

It’s okay to not always be okay.

You are stronger when you’re open about your weaknesses. Not everyone can tear down their strong image and façade. Cry if you need to. Call for help when you need to. Cry and call out to God for rescue. Find people who can help you with your emergencies and battles. Find yourself a league of trustworthy people you can belong to. Step back and give others a chance to be your “superhero” too.

Give yourself a break and a time to refuel.

What more can you give when you’ve let others zap all your energy and your spirit? Nothing more, right? So, refuel your emotional, physical, and spiritual tanks because you need to. It’s okay to remove your superhero cape once in a while and just be human. You need to have your rest too. The real ones who truly care for you will understand. Your worth and value to them won’t change ever.

You also deserve to receive the love you’ve been showering everyone else with. For all you ever did for everyone you love, and for all the lives you’ve helped, thank you.