To The One Who Loved And Left Me


Every time I saw movies of people falling in love and staying together for the rest of their lives, I would scoff and tell myself there was no such thing. I mean, how could someone possibly love just one person for his entire life? You can’t find your “other half” because there is no other half.

Until I met you.

When our eyes met for the first time, something in me was jolted awake. I knew right from that moment you were the one I was going to fall in love with. We could spend the entire day just talking about the most random stuff and we would never run of things to say to each other. I think you made me laugh more than I ever did in my entire life and I often thanked God for allowing me to be the luckiest girl on this planet.

Growing up, I witnessed my parents fighting almost every single day. They could never sit in the same room for more than ten minutes without arguing over the smallest things. I secretly vowed never to get married because I was afraid I was going to end up the same way.

Until I met you.

You made me believe in love again and I thought you were going to be my exception. I felt so comfortable with you and all the walls I built slowly came down. I gave you all my heart and trusted you with my deepest secrets. But I guess somewhere along the way, you decided I wasn’t the one and you didn’t want to waste your time on me anymore. You told me you weren’t ready and that it was you, not me.

I tried begging you to stay but you refused to turn back. You didn’t even bother saying goodbye and you left me hanging. Suddenly, I found myself alone and having to salvage the pieces of my heart you so mercilessly tore apart. Needless to say, I rebuilt all those walls and put up extra fences. I haven’t opened up my heart to anyone else ever since whereas you moved from one girl to another as if I never existed.

It’s been six years and I still miss you. When you left, I promised to wait for you until you were ready and I intend to keep that promise. After all, you were also the one who convinced me that promises were meant to be kept, not broken.