To The One Who Loved Less Than I Did


Lucky are those who find true love at the right time. And lucky are the people who do not get to experience an almost kind of relationship. In my case, I fell in love with the wrong guy at the wrong time, we were almost, until the days passed that I realized, he couldn’t love me back.

I fell in love with someone I cannot even call mine. I am unrequited. Never did I got the chance to be able to experience of being loved back. If you ask me why I did let myself in that situation? I don’t know. That time, I felt happy. I was sure that I was happy that I had someone with me.

To me, that guy, was so much more of what I have prayed for. He gives a little more time than any other friend can give me. He is everything that I wanted. He was my kind of soul mate, the one that I believe is fated to love me until eternity.

But as much as I wanted him to want me, he couldn’t. He loved less. He cared less. He doesn’t care of what I am thinking right now. He doesn’t care if my world felt so empty even after he left. He doesn’t care at all.

Because, for him, I will always be the girl he can come back to whenever he feels like it. I will always be the one who waits in open arms until he knocks again on my door. He always raises my hearts pedestal. And whenever I feel that he can love me back, he lets me fall and never catches me.

This letter is to the guy who cared less, thank you for everything. But I have to let you go, real, this time. I had nothing left in me. Emotions lost. Mind still on a battle with my heart. I have cried hard enough to realize that I have to go on and continue my life as I made a pause on it for the past three years just to be with you. I don’t want to be unrequited anymore. To be loved back is all that I have ever wanted and you know that.

And you will always be my go-to guy. I will always remember you in my future burger times, milk teas, ice creams, and movie runs. You will always be part of me. I had no regrets meeting you. All was a lesson learned.

Because you were the guy who cared less when I have loved you more.