To The Ones Who Believe You Need Someone To Motivate You (You Don’t)


My entire life I have had this innate ability to have one conversation with someone and know what kind of person they were—specifically, if they were someone that emitted a light that was too beautiful to walk away from or someone who I could tell smiled through any amount of pain they have ever felt.

I could tell if someone had qualities that could change someone’s mood just with their presence, but maybe were too scared to be vulnerable to the people surrounding them. One conversation and I could see everything I needed to know—and with one conversation with you I saw something that you didn’t even perceive yourself.

Kindness, intelligence, a positive spin on a bad situation—all things you were completely capable of before you met me. All things that you have had for the past twenty years but were too blind to see yourself. You are your biggest critic, and well, that is okay.

There are times we all feel average, times we all feel like we don’t have anything too unique or interesting about us that is captivating to others; there are times where we feel lost and confused and unaware of the impact our existence really has on the people we encounter during our ever day lives.

But what if I told you that in the past week you turned someone’s day around just by being you? What if I told you in the past week you made someone who felt worthless feel special just by being kind to them and showing interest in the conversation?

You can’t change the world in one day, but in one day you can change someone’s world—and you have, just by being you.

You think you need me to help you be positive and motivate you—the truth is, you don’t. What you needed me for was to pull it out of you, to help you understand that you possess something so exceptional that radiates when you walk into a room. If I could give you one thing it would be the ability to see yourself through others eyes, for you would have a completely different perspective on how you see yourself.

You can achieve anything you put your mind to and be someone that you are proud of—all you have to do is believe; believe that your drive is unstoppable, your intellect is stronger than you recognize, and that life is yours to conquer.

You don’t need anyone to have confidence in in you, you just need to have confidence in yourself.