To The Ones Who Don’t Wear Their Hearts On Their Sleeves


To the ones who don’t wear their hearts on their sleeves. To the cheerful ones who are always smiling and laughing while battling depression from the inside.

To the calm ones who struggle with anxiety and feel like there is a hurricane inside of them all the time.

To the ones who are always surrounded by people yet feel alone as hell from the inside.

To The ones who battle their own demons from the inside but don’t know how to show them to the world.

To the ones who tell people what they are going through but no one believes them because they don’t look like what they are saying, it just doesn’t show on them.

These are the ones that even though they might tell you how depressed they are you won’t believe them because they look happy; they smile and they laugh but what you don’t know is that not everyone who smiles and laughs is happy. 

They are the ones that nobody feels what they are going through. You see them in the gym or the grocery store and they look just like everyone else; but they are the ones that people don’t believe when they tell them how they feel because it just doesn’t show on them.

You won’t see them crying their hearts out while telling you about their grief or look like someone who’s about to slit their wrists when they talk about their depression and you won’t see their hands trembling or their feet shaking when they tell you about their anxiety but believe them when they tell you in the middle of a crowd how alone they feel or in the midst of laughter how depressed they are or in the midst of a dance how they are still grieving.

Trust me when I tell you that they don’t have to look or act like the way they are feeling from the inside. They might even be the ones who look like they are having the time of their lives, the ones who look the happiest or the most alive yet they are torn from the inside but no one hears them.