To The Ones Who Still Don’t Know Where ‘Home’ Really Is


To the ones who are always moving.

From job to job, from city to city, from one relationship to another – trying to find your calling, trying to find your purpose and trying to find something that may not make sense to other people but means the world to you. I understand you because people like us, who are always wandering are not really lost, they’re just trying to find a place that makes them want to stay. Something that stops them from running away and something that makes them want to live and live fiercely. 

To the ones who don’t want to settle.

You’re not unrealistic or living in a bubble, if anything, you just want to get out of that bubble, the bubble of mediocrity, rules and doing things that most people do just because that’s what they’ve been taught. You’re a dreamer, you’re a game-changer, you have thoughts and ideas that could change the world and you are trying to map your own way. You don’t want to follow the same directions or take the same road every day, you want to explore other ways to get to your destination, other roads that may take you there. Roads that are more exciting, roads that inspire you and roads that make you enjoy the drive.

To the ones who never had a home.

Don’t give up. Your home is out there, you may think you’ll never find it because nothing ever felt like home and sometimes the road is very lonely but I know you will, I know we will because we’re still searching, we still wake up every day not wanting to settle, we still believe in love no matter how many times we get our hearts broken, we still dream no matter how many people make fun of our dreams and we still have a voice no matter who tries to shut us up. We know how to use our voices and we know how to leave when our voices are no longer heard.

We keep trying to find homes in people, in jobs, in beautiful cities, yet they leave us empty, because home is so much more than that and we’re not supposed to find home easily.

You find home when you know who you are and what you love, you find home when you find someone who not only loves you but also accepts you and makes love feel safe and warm. You find home when you do something you don’t want to retire from, something you don’t want to stop doing, something that feeds your soul, not just your bank account.

You find home when you’ve been traveling all over the world and you realize that there is one little place that has all of that together and that’s the place you keep longing for, the place you want to go back to you for more than one reason, the place that might not be the most beautiful place on earth but it’s the one that captured your heart and has the one that your heart truly belongs to.