To The Person Who Will Love Him Next


Be there for him, because as much as I wanted to, I can’t. Don’t let his efforts go to waste, because I’ve seen how much he’s willing to do everything for the person he loves. Let him do the things he wanted to do for me — just for you — don’t ask him to stop, let him feel that he’s wanted. Don’t let him go to sleep worrying about you — I know it’s in his nature, but don’t let him worry too much, don’t put him in a situation where all he can do is pray and hope that you’re safe.

Shower him with love and affection, because he will never fail to do everything for you because he will love you.

Be proud of him, because I am and I will always be. Sometimes he will tell you that he isn’t good enough, that he is not worth it but trust me when I say that he is. Every part of him is a risk worth taking for.

Talk to him when you have problems, he knows when you’re hiding something, he knows if there’s a sudden change in your voice or the way you speak.

Never forget to ask him if something’s bothering him because he’s the type of guy who would never share his own burdens.

Return the favor, being a girl is not a reason to not give. Write him a letter, send him flowers, he will like that.

Sing to him when he can’t sleep. He falls asleep easily, and he snores, but I swear that’s the best sound you’ll ever hear — the sound of him having a good sleep because of you.

Remember the little things, he is a goldfish, he forgets things easily so try to remember all the details of his stories, remember that little things matter. He’s secretive but since he trusts you, he will tell you everything.

Do not test him, do not make him jealous, because he will not admit that he is. Do not test him because you will know from the start how sincere his feelings are. Do not fight with him — at least not about petty things — because he won’t talk about it to anybody else but you, and even though you’re mad at him, you will still be the person he’ll run to.

Let your parents know him, because he’s the type of guy who will introduce himself to your family. Be there when he needs you, because like everyone else, he deals with problems too. Go to church with him, there’s nothing more admirable than a man who will lead you closer to God. Ask him for choices, because most of the time he would rather let you choose where you’d like to go. He likes asking for choices, whether it’s the flavor of a food he will eat or something to drink.

To the person who will love him next, just love him, unconditionally. Do the things I wanted to do but I can’t. Do the things that I did, or better yet, do more than that. Don’t just let him give everything to you, you’re a girl but you’re not supposed to always receive. He got his heart broken but that doesn’t mean he won’t love you whole. Stay faithful and never ever lie that’s the easiest way to lose him.

Do not make him feel unwanted. Do not take him for granted. Just because a person is always there for you every time you want them to, doesn’t mean they will always be there. Because one day, they won’t. Love him, because that’s what he deserves. Love him, because I do, and because I love him, I’m giving him to you.