To The Strong, Ambitious Girls: It’s Okay Not To Be Okay


To all the strong, ambitious girls out there – It’s okay not to feel okay.

Ambitious girls. Admit it; you feel like you are a species on your own at times.

You have been through more sinking ships than you can count, but still you keep swimming and come out breathing on the other side. You have also been knocked down repeatedly, but your dreams and ambitions are ablaze, wild and fierce, just like your spirit. You are focused on sticking to the path of success.

No, you are not made of some strong durable metal or stone. No, you do not always have your life together like the rest of the world seems to think. And no, you don’t have a cold ruthless heart.

Truth be told, girls like you… You are strong, sometimes stubborn, because of what you have been through. You know how it feels to be left out in the dark. Betrayal and lies taste like some bitter sour piece of candy you once tasted as a child but wish you could forget. You try your best to be strong for yourself and those around you. You have been a source of support for others so many times, giving all you got to those in need. When you burn out, physically, mentally and emotionally, you feel the biggest sense of guilt rising up in you. How dare you let others down?

This pressure, self-blame, hurt and sacrifice have led to you building up walls around yourself and your heart. You think the best way to live is to be unbreakable. Thanks to the lessons you’ve learned in life, you’ve built up a resistance against folly, nonsense and all things negative.

But some days just don’t have a rosy pink tint to it. Some days it feels like there’s a pit in your stomach, a weight in your heart. You ponder for a while where this unsettled feeling comes from. Finally, you admit that you’re not okay for whatever reason.

Now here’s the tip to handling it successfully. Feel it. I urge you to feel whatever you are feeling without holding back on it. Let it shake you back to life. I want you to know that if it weren’t for the days you’ve been a total wreck, a disaster or a complete moron, you’d have gone down with that first ship long ago. Deal with these feelings in whichever way helps you to cope, as long as it’s in a constructive and positive manner.

Your dreams and plans are not allowed to take second place. Sadness is temporary, loneliness won’t last a lifetime, but dreams grow and grow every day and if you keep on using the down times to teach you a lesson or two, you’ll find that the good days seem better and brighter. As soon as you embrace the struggles, you’ll be on your way to experiencing life in all its shapes and forms.

No stone or metal has the depth of your soul, no one person has the ability to cope with it all. Life isn’t about having it easy a 100% of the time, but it will all be worth it a 100% of the time if you so choose.