To The Woman Who Broke My Relationship


You do not know me. I do not know you.

You do not care about me and I do not care about you, but we have one thing in common.

You call him your boyfriend. I call him a weak, lying, cheating douche-bag of an ex-boyfriend.

I hated you for the longest time. I despised you without even really knowing you as a person. I thought you destroyed everything good in my life when you took him away from me. I thought you took away my only chance at love. Quite frankly, I thought you were the worst person in the world. Karma was even close to what I had wished for you.

The more time I spent thinking about it, the more I began to think, maybe you didn’t even know I existed. You may have been just another pawn in his game; he was good for things like that. Or you did know about me and out of a selfish act you went on with it anyway.

I can’t blame you; That is how I got him to be mine in the first place. Karma is a bitch, isn’t it?

As time went on and I grew out of my hatred for you, I started to look at him. The person that he was. The person he became. The person he turned into after he left me. It wasn’t about you; It was about him.

He didn’t want to settle down with me yet. He didn’t want to be faithful. It could have been you or any other girl. It was his choice, not yours.

And that was when I realized, you deserved more of a thank you than a fuck you.

While it doesn’t happen very often that you want to thank the “other woman” for the malicious, selfish, careless act that they had done, it has with me. Thank you.

You saved me.

You saved me from a life full of heartache. You saved me from more time wasted on a man that didn’t deserve my love. You saved me from the destructive relationship path we were on. You saved me money from countless trips to the liquor store to drown my sorrows.

You saved my family. You saved my friends. You saved my future.

You are the reason that I could finally see the light. I could see that he wasn’t the one for me. I could see that I could be doing so much more with my life, without him in it. I could finally see what everyone else was seeing in him. I could finally see that he was not a man to be trusted. And I could finally see that he was holding me back from happiness.

You are the reason that I found someone who could treat me better than he ever could. You are the reason that I am able to wake up every morning and not feel in a haze of his depression. You are the ultimate reason why I am able to stand on my own. You did all of this for me without even knowing it.

And with that, I must do something for you. A thank you in return. I must warn you about what you have gotten yourself into. I have to make you aware, that you are in a dangerous territory with a man that will do the same to you.

What he did with me, he will do to you. He has done it before; He will do it again. You were not his first and you certainly will not be his last.

He is a creature of habit; He will always go back to his old ways.

I don’t mean any of this in a malicious way. I don’t mean to cause disruption in your relationship. I don’t mean to cause heartbreak or anxiety, but I know him. He will always be wanting something more, something he can’t have and he will not care who is in the destruction path for him to get it.

Again, thank you for what you did, but beware, there is always another woman around the corner. There is always someone else that is going to catch his interest and try to take your place, just as you did with mine. He may have said that he has changed, but he never will. Don’t leave your guard down for too long, or you will be the one writing a letter next.