To The Women Who Don’t Know Their Own Worth


I have been in your shoes and walked in your shoes, and to be honest, I still have days where I belittle myself and beat myself over the smallest of matters. It’s easy to do. It’s the easiest thing in the world to think that we are not enough, when society keeps forcing that exact idea down our throats .

We all have times where we feel like crap. Moments where all we want to do is hide out in our bedrooms, and not show our faces to anyone. We all have days and months and years where we don’t like being who we are. And maybe that’s just part of the journey. Part of growing up. To be the ones to beat ourselves down, until we have no choice but to begin again.

I know it’s easy to look down upon yourself. It’s easy to not like yourself. Especially when you’re constantly comparing and contrasting yourself with your friends, with celebrities, and with complete strangers.

In our world today, it has become the norm to hate who we are.

They tell us we have to lose weight if we want the guy we like. They tell us we have to shop at that store, or to do our hair a certain way if we want to be pretty. They tell us we have to change ourselves, to tan our skin, to bleach our skin, to pluck and wax ourselves bare in order to be beautiful. And in order to be accepted.

But I’m here to tell you, that you are not the pile of junk that you think you are. You are not your mental illness. You are not your depression or your anxiety. You are not your disabilities. You are not your ‘flaws’.

You are not defined by your imperfections and by your wounds. You are not worth less just because your skin color or sexual orientation is different than your neighbors, or because your religion isn’t what your friend’s religion is. You are not worth less than anyone else, just because you are different. Different than what society tells you is ‘normal’.

Those ‘flaws’ that society likes to point out to you, aren’t flaws at all. They aren’t imperfections or scars that you should hide. They are part of you. They are a part of who you are as an individual.

Please, do not hide those magical and beautiful parts of you. Please, let yourself shine. Let all of you shine. 

You are a human being. A beautiful collection of cells, bones, layers of skin and a strong heart. You are a human being, and a wonderful woman worth more than what many people have told you that you are. You are a human being, capable of thinking your own thoughts and capable of creating change.

You are worthy of great and spectacular love. You deserve that. The kind of love that lights your soul on fire, the kind that makes you see who you truly are. The kind that reminds you day in and day out how fucking magical you are.

Please do not let society tell you who you are. Please do not let society mold your mind into thinking that you need to change yourself. Please do not let that boy or that girl tell you that you are not enough, just as you are right now.

Today, you are a living, breathing soul. Today, you are magic just because you are here on this earth. Today, you are loved. Loved by so many beings. And today, you may not love yourself all that much. You may think you need to be someone different to find love or to find a better life. But sweet, girl, you are enough just as you are.

No one can ever take all of the beauty out of your heart. Don’t let those people crush you. Don’t let them make you crumble just for being different. You are you. That’s so much more than enough. And you are so much more than those people will ever be.