To This Day, We Still Can’t Explain The Source Of This Fire


This happened about a year ago when my family lived at my grandmother’s house. The reason for living there was because my mom was divorced and was struggling with money. So, we had stayed there for about six months. Anyway, it was, I believe, a Friday or Saturday night at around 2:30 AM. I am a night person so I was up late playing video games in my bedroom. I thankfully had my own bedroom on the second floor, my three little siblings had their own bedroom right beside mine, and my mom had to sleep on the couch pull-out bed downstairs in the living room.

I started hearing noises outside of my bedroom door. I immediately paused my game and tried to listen. The sounds turned out to be coming from the doorway from where my siblings slept. I always kept my bedroom door closed, while my little siblings insisted to keep their door open overnight. I got up from my bed to get a better listen. What I heard sounded like someone walking in circles in the doorway — I could tell because of the creaking sounds the floor made. At first, I thought it was one of my little siblings that couldn’t fall back to sleep, but I thought wrong. The footsteps kept going and going for about 10 minutes, until, all of a sudden they stopped. Afterwards, I tried to go to sleep without thinking about that creepy noise.

The next morning, I woke up at about 11:30 AM. As soon as I came downstairs to sit at the breakfast table, my mom walked over to where I was and pulled out her iPhone.

“Listen to this,” she said. “I heard this around seven this morning and it woke me up.”

She then played a recording that sounded like a little girl moaning. The moaning was not constant, as it would go on and off every 3-5 seconds or so. The recording gave me shivers because it was not a noise that houses make at all.

A few days after that weekend, I was in my room playing video games, when my mom burst into my bedroom frantically telling me we have to get out of the house. I asked why, but before I was even able to get an answer from her, she was running down the stairs. I paused my game and headed downstairs, noticing that the whole house had a smoky haze drifting through it. I realized it didn’t really smell like smoke coming from a fire. Instead, it almost smelled like burnt hair. My mom had already called the fire department and they arrived in about five minutes. They asked us to wait in the fire truck.

We were waiting in the fire truck for a solid 30 minutes, until a firefighter came out to tell us it was okay to come back inside. He said the fire was completely unexplainable. Apparently, it started inside the wall. He said it wasn’t an electrical fire, nor was it a fire that came from any furnace or heat vent. The fire wasn’t started with a match or any other flammable material, either. Every firefighter said it was completely unexplainable. And here’s the real kicker. The area that the fire started was the same area my mom heard the little girl’s moaning voice. My opinion? There was a demonic child that was not too happy with us being in her presence.