To Those People Who Make Plans And Then Cancel On You At The Last Minute


You suck.

There is absolutely nothing you can tell me (besides the REAL excuses, i.e. you got in a car crash, you broke your leg, your cat fell off the tree) that will change how I feel about you at this moment.

You’re being selfish and not thinking of the other party. Did you know that when you make an appointment with someone, you’re taking time off of his/her calendar? You’re saying, “Okay, from 6-7 pm, I will be with you and we will do XYZ thing.” By doing so, you are prohibiting me from doing anything else in that time because I have reserved that time to be spent with you. In that time block, you are Priority #1.

Well, when you cancel on someone at the last minute, you’re saying, “You’re not important enough for me to free up whatever I have to do even though you already moved all your appointments to meet up with me today.” You’re telling them that they’re second and not Priority #1 anymore.

Maybe I’m just bitter. But please tell me, when is it socially acceptable to cancel on people last minute unless you have a legitimate excuse? I mean, if you actually, ACTUALLY cannot make it, that’s fine. But if you’re telling me you rather go sleep rather than have dinner like we planned a few days ago, that’s being a true party pooper.

Not to mention all the thoughts and considerations that the other party has put into the meet up. Like, what if I had to go home from work to change out of heels and maybe clean up a little because I’m all sweaty from the commute, only to come to our planned spot and see your text about how you just fell down on your bed and can’t seem to get up because it’s too comfortable?

That is unacceptable. How can you be so inconsiderate?