To Those Who Disappear Without Warning


The only sin I am guilty
was thinking your lips would form around a Hallelujah
when you saw me
or that you did, in fact, miss me.
And I wouldn’t be the jester,
Fooling us both.
How heavy it must be carrying a head so full,
Not of brains,
But of overinflated ego.
You conduct yourself like a King surrounded by men
who are not worthy
to be in your presence,
And it is so funny
that you don’t see
you’re just an apparition.
A ghost in a suit
How you disappear from people’s lives
thinking you are better
thinking you are Mt. Olympus
Then consider this Hermes,
my message to you,
You could have just been honest.
I have taken far worse bullets to the heart
than you
Fading into the background
A cowardly thing to do,
Something only plebeians parading in crowns choose.