To Those Who Have Always Believed


We are those who believe. Those who never second guess, but choose to believe that there is a good in everything. No matter the circumstances, no matter the situation, we believe that things happen for a reason, and that nothing comes along by chance.

We are those who carry this hope, this hope in knowledge—that things may not fall into place now, but they will someday, when the timing is right.

We’ve always kept the faith.

People laugh when they see us go about our lives in such a manner; they say we’re irrational and delusional. That we are ‘oh so innocent’ and simple minded. Maybe they are right and we have too much faith, if that’s even a thing.

But you see, maybe sometimes we do indeed believe too much. We hold onto this belief that people are just as raw and real as we are. We display our true colours and expose our flaws with the belief that only when one is open, can one be truly loved by others.

But in turn, often the opposite happens and people take us for granted.

And instead of confronting or faulting them, we just tell ourselves that maybe life has been hard on them and the problem probably lies with us instead. Everyone has their own struggles, their own stories to tell, right? Maybe he or she is confused at the moment or caught up is a messy situation.

But as they always say, if you want to find an excuse for someone’s behaviour or actions, you always will.

And most of the time it’s probably us just coming up with excuses for them to make ourselves feel better, to avoid the obvious truth.

Other times this “believing too much” shows when put our all into the things we do, the things we love, our passions and our dreams, with the belief that when you give your all, the best will come out of it.

But instead of having the success we expected, we only have them come crashing down.

“You should have known,” “I told you so,” “If only you listened,” “It wasn’t possible to begin with.” These are the words we hear time and time again from the people who have always stayed in the “safe” zone whenever everything falls apart.

Well, but deep down inside you and I know that no matter how many countless times we’ve been let down, no matter how many countless times we’ve failed, we’ll never learn our lesson.

And we never want to.

For to have perfect faith and believe is to have confidence in the uncertain future—a future that won’t be known until we eventually get there. Right?

So, we’ll still always be those who will willingly take that leap of faith into the unknown, for we know that everything worth having, doesn’t come easy.

And don’t you think it’s such a beautiful thing when you realize that where you are today does not define where you’ll be tomorrow?

You are exactly where you need to be, to be where you want to be. Believe in the beauty of your dreams, chase them, keep running.

Never stop being the “foolish” ones, the ones who will always give it a shot. Anything can happen, everything can happen, you know that.

Continue to take chances and believe, because who knows, maybe one day it’ll indeed pay off.