Today I’m Loving Myself More By Letting You Go


Today, my heart is capable of letting you go.

Sometimes starting means stopping. And sometimes, healing does not only come from pain, but love, too.

A gloomy sunset, a complementary awareness. A lighter start, to revel the love within thy own heart.

I catch myself not walking through the same places again. The same paths we used to walk through, the coffee shops, the stop over marts, the secret fields, our favorite hangouts. I knew, just right then, when I stopped paving my way where I can find traces of you. Where I expect to meet your steps and where you can go across mine; a day the stars will align or when the universe worked its way in accordance to us. When our eyes will finally meet and our hearts’ beat as loud as it used to be.

I stopped. I stopped wishing for all of that.

I stopped looking for your eyes in crowds. I stopped seeking for your warmth. I stopped trying to remember your scent. I stopped looking for you in my little ways, my rough days, in my vulnerability, and when I look for happiness.

I stopped. And I thought to myself, that I am finally healing. Not healing from pain, but healing from my love for you. Healing in a way I am growing out of pouring my love over you, and growing to pour it in myself.

My heart may still have a part of you, I may miss you, I may still love you, but one thing is for sure, now: I love myself more.