Tollbooth Collector, Happiness Creator, Renaissance Man!


Dear God,

I collect money at a tollbooth on the New Jersey turnpike.

It’s one of the most popular roads in the world. It takes people from their nice homes into the most important city in the planet.

I help make it happen. They can’t get into the city without first passing me.

I can read books. I can daydream. I am outdoors all day. I can jump to conclusions. And I can be beautiful in my mirror.

I can sit and watch the sun rise. I also see the outline of the city all day long. It’s beautiful. I love being out in nature.

There are regulars who pass me. They slow down for a second or two while their EZ Pass registers with my computer and they say, “Have a great day!”

I am told “Have a great day!” almost 200 times a day. I usually smile and say, “You too!” and I wave back.

“Have a great day!” …. “You too!”

When I am home, I forget about work completely. I never think about it. I can enjoy everything I do without thinking about work. It’s great to kiss without thinking about work.

People say, “Do something with passion!”

I say, “Do everything with passion!”

At night, when I close my eyes and go to sleep, I’m happy. Nobody has to tell me to be happy or sad. I can do it on my own.

We all pay a toll every extra day we spend on this planet. Once you stop paying that toll, it’s all over. I am a tollbooth collector.

At parties, when people ask me what I do, I say the truth: I open up the world for business every single morning.

– James