Tonight, I’ll Be My Own Hero


Tonight, I’ll piece my broken pieces back together,
I’ll look for the missing pieces of the puzzle
and I won’t try to find them in anyone else,
I’ll dig deeper and find them in myself.

Tonight, I’ll tell myself what I want to hear,
that I am strong and beautiful,
that I can do anything I want,
that I’m worthy of being adored.

Tonight, I’ll save myself
from my insecurities and fears,
from the rejections and the heart breaks,
from all the things that destroyed me.

Tonight, I’ll give myself permission
to be who I really am fearlessly, 
to reveal my dark sides and accept them,
to show my scars with pride.

Tonight, I’ll hold my own hand,
I’ll walk myself to my favorite place
and just sit there listening to my thoughts.
Tonight, I’ll be comfortable with my silence.

Tonight, I’ll write what I truly feel
even if my words disclose how vulnerable I am.
I’ll write what I’ve always tried to conceal
and I won’t run away from myself.

Tonight, I’ll see everything you failed to see,
I’ll be all the people you couldn’t be,
I’ll do all the things you couldn’t do.
Tonight, I’ll be the one for me.