Top 10 Easy Ways To Be Green In College


  1. Wait until your hamper is full. Not only does this save how much water and energy you use, but also your detergent, which is expensive!
  2. No lollygagging in the shower. Each second you’re in there wastes more water. Do what you need to do and get out into the real world!
  3. Notes aren’t trash. The end of the semester is upon us, and there’s a few things you can do with your old notebooks: save them for future reference, let them sit around never to be looked at again, or recycle them! That’s a lot of paper. Also, make sure if you didn’t fill up the entire notebook, use it again next semester!
  4. A textbook is a terrible thing to waste. Again, if you’re going to read it again, hang onto it, but in most cases, you aren’t. Sell them back, put them online, or lend them to a friend.  Someone else will appreciate it.
  5. Use public transportation. It’s free! The local buses run all day, and have a ton of convenient routes.
  6. Or just walk/bike/skateboard. Spring has sprung and most colleges are pedestrian-friendly. Get some fresh air!
  7. Clean your plate. Why are entire burgers and sandwiches going down the conveyor belt in the dinning hall? Think about what you’re taking, and make sure you’ve got room for it!
  8. Reusable bags are your friend. And there are constantly companies tabling on college campuses giving them away as freebies. They come in handy when you’re moving out of your dorm at the end of the year.
  9. Take a lesson from Macklemore. Check out that thrift shop have may have always skeeved you out. You’ll be amazed at the fashionable finds you discover!
  10. Less paper, less problems. Ask your professor if that 10 page final paper can be submitted by email. If they are opposed to this, suggest printing on both sides of the paper. 

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