Top Celebrities And Historical Figures That Share Both Your Zodiac Sign And Birthday



(March 21st to April 19th)
March 21st – Matthew Broderick
March 22ns – Reese Witherspoon
March 23rd – Joan Crawford
March 24th – Peyton Manning
March 25th – Elton John
March 26th – Keira Knightley
March 27h – Mariah Carey
March 28th – Lady Gaga
March 29th – John Tyler
March 30th – Vincent van Gogh
March 31st – Christopher Walken
April 1st – Rachel Maddow
April 2nd – Marvin Gay
April 3rd – Eddie” Murphy
April 4th – Heath Ledger
April 5th – Colin Powell
April 6th – Zachary Braff
April 7th – Jackie Chan
April 8th – Kofi Atta Annan
April 9th – Hugh Hefner
April 10th – Amanda Moore
April 11th – Alessandra Ambrosio
April 12th – Claire Danes
April 13th – Thomas Jefferson
April 14th – Abigail Kathleen Breslin
April 15th – Emma Watson
April 16th – Chance The Rapper
April 17th – Victoria Beckham
April 18th – Rick Moranis
April 19th – James Franco


(April 20th to May 21st)
April 20th – Adolf Hitler
April 21st – Queen Elizabeth II
April 22nd – Jack Nicholson
April 23rd – William Shakespeare
April 24th – Barbra Streisand
April 25th – Al Pacino
April 26th – Channing Tatum
April 27th – Ulysses Grant
April 28th – Harper Lee
April 30th – Lloyd Banks
May 1st – Wes Anderson
May 2nd – David Beckham
May 3rd – Frankie Valli
May 4th – Audrey Hepburn
May 5th – Adele
May 6th – George Clooney
May 7th – Anne Baxter
May 8th – Enrique Iglesias
May 9th – Billy Joel
May 10th – John Wilkes Booth
May 11th – Salvador Dali
May 12th – Yogi Berra
May 13th – Stephen Colbert
May 14th – Mark Zuckerberg
May 15th – Emmit Smith
May 16th – Megan Fox
May 17th – Bob Saget
May 18th – Tina Fey
May 19th – Malcolm X
May 20th – James Stewart
May 21st – The Notorious B.I.G


(May 22nd to June 21st)
May 22nd – Katie Price
May 23rd – Joan Collins
May 24th – bob Dylan
May 25th – Mike Myers
May 26th – John Wayne
May 27th – Christopher Lee
May 28th – Marco Rubio
May 29th – Carmelo Anthony
May 30th – Benny Goodman
May 31st – Clint Eastwood
June 1st – Morgan Freeman
June 2nd – Charlie Watts
June 3rd – Anderson Cooper
June 4th – Russell Brand
June 5th – Mark Wahlberg
June 6th – Sebastian Larsson
June 7th – Liam Neeson
June 8th – Kayne West
June 9th – Johnny Depp
June 10th – Judy Garland
June 11th – Shia LeBeouf
June 12th – Anne Frank
June 13th – Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
June 14th – Donald Trump
June 15th – Neil Patrick Harris
June 16th – Tupac
June 17th – Venus Williams
June 18th – Paul McCartney
June 19th – Paula Abdul
June 20th – Lionel Richie
June 21st – Richard Jefferson


(June 22nds to July 22nd)
June 22nd – Meryl Streep
June 23rd – Jason Mraz
June 24th – Charles Whitman
June 25th – George Orwell
June 26th – Derek Jeter
June 27th – Helen Keller
June 28th – Kathy Bates
June 29th – Richard Lewis
June 30th – Michael Phelps
July 1st – Pamela Anderson
July 2nd – Lindsay Lohan
July 3rd – Franz Kafka
July 4th – Calvin Coolidge
July 5th – Huey Lewis
July 6th – Dalai Lama
July 7th – Ringo Starr
July 8th – John Rockefeller
July 9th – O.J Simpson
July 10th – Arthur Ashe
July 11th – Leon Spinks
July 12th – James Rodriguez
July 13th – Harrison Ford
July 14th – Gerald Ford
July 15th – Jesse Ventura
July 16th – Will Ferrell
July 17th – Angela Merkel
July 18th – Nelson Mandela
July 19th – Brian May
July 20th – Natalie Wood
July 21st – Robin Williams
July 22nd – Selena Gomez


(July 23rd to August 22nd)
July 23rd – Daniel Radcliffe
July 24th – Jennifer Lopez
July 25th – Barbara Harris
July 26th – Sandra Bullock
July 27th – Alex Rodriguez
July 28th – Hugo Chavez
July 29th – Clara Bow
July 30th – Arnold Schwarzenegger
July 31st – J.K Rowling
August 1st – Jerry Garcia
August 2nd – James Baldwin
August 3rd – Martha Stewart
August 4th – Barack Obama
August 5th – Neil Armstrong
August 6th – Lucille Ball
August 7th – Charlize Theron
August 8th – Roger Federer
August 9th – Whitney Houston
August 10th – Herbert Hoover
August 11th – Hulk Hogan
August 12th – Pat Metheny
August 13th – Fidel Castro
August 14th – Mila Kunis
August 15th – Ben Affleck
August 16th – Charles Bukowski
August 17th – Robert De Niro
August 18th – Patrick Swayze
August 19th – John Stamos
August 20th – Demi Lovato
August 21st – Usain Bolt
August 22nd – Ray Bradbury


(August 23rd to September 22nd)
August 23rd – Kobe Bryant
August 24th – Chad Michael Murray
August 25th – Blake Lively
August 26th – Mother Teresa
August 27th – Aaron Paul
August 28th – Shania Twain
August 29th – Michael Jackson
August 30th – Cameron Diaz
August 31st – Richard Gere
September 1st – Rocky Marciano
September 2nd – Keanu Reeves
September 3rd – Charlie Sheen
September 4th – Geoffrey Chaucer
September 5th – Freddie Mercury
September 6th – Chris Christie
September 7th – Buddy Holly
September 8th – Bernie Sanders
September 9th – Adam Sandler
September 10th – Colin Firth
September 11th – Ludacris
September 12th – Paul Walker
September 13th – Roald Dahl
September 14th – Jessica Brown Findlay
September 15th – Jenna Marbles
September 16th – Nick Jonas
September 17th – John Ritter
September 18th – Ben Carson
September 19th – Jimmy Fallon
September 20th – Upton Sinclair
September 21st – Stephen King
September 22nd – Scott Baio


(September 23rd to October 22nd)
September 23rd – Bruce Springsteen
September 24th – F. Scott Fitzgerald
September 25th – Will Smith
September 26th – Serena Williams
September 27th – Avril Lavigne
September 28th – Hilary Duff
September 29th – Jerry Lee Lewis
September 30th – Rumi
October 1st – Julie Andrews
October 2nd – Gandhi
October 3rd – Gwen Stefani
October 4th – Alicia Silverstone
October 5th – Kate Winslet
October 6th – Tony Dungy
October 7th – Simon Cowell
October 8th – Bruno Mars
October 9th – John Lennon
October 10th – Brett Favre
October 11th – Eleanor Roosevelt
October 12th – Hugh Jackman
October 13th – Jerry Rice
October 14th – Dwight D Eisenhower
October 15th – Bailee Madison
October 16th – Oscar Wilde
October 17th – Eminem
October 18th – Zac Efron
October 19th – Peter Tosh
October 20th – Snoop Dogg
October 21st – Kim Kardashian
October 22nd – Jeff Goldblum


(October 23rd to November 22nd)
October 23rd – Michael Crichton
October 24th – Wayne Rooney
October 25th – Pablo Picasso
October 26th – Hillary Clinton
October 27th – Sylvia Plath
October 28th – Bill Gates
October 29th – Winona Ryder
October 30th – John Adams
October 31st – Rob Schneider
November 1st – Tim Cook
November 2nd – Nelly
November 3rd – Roseanne Barr
November 4th – Matthew McConaughey
November 5th – Roy Rogers
November 6th – Sally Field
November 7th – Marie Curie
November 8th – Dorothy Day
November 9th – Carl Sagan
November 10th – Josh Peck
November 11th – Leonardo DiCaprio
November 12th – Anne Hathaway
November 13th – Whoopi Goldberg
November 14th – Travis Barker
November 15th – Sania Mirza
November 16th – Chloe Ferry
November 17th – Rachel McAdams
November 18th – Owen Wilson
November 19th – Jodie Foster
November 20th – Joe Biden
November 21st – Conor Maynard
November 22nd – Scarlett Johansson


(November 23rd to December 21st)
November 23rd – Miley Cyrus
November 24th – Katherine Heigl
November 25th – Andrew Carnegie
November 26th – Tina Turner
November 27th – Jimi Hendrix
November 28th – Jon Stewart
November 29th – Anna Faris
November 30th – Winston Churchill
December 1st – Sarah Silverman
December 2nd – Britney Spears
December 3rd – Jake T. Austin
December 4th – Jay-Z
Decembers 5th – Walt Disney
December 6th – Ryan White
December 7th – Aaron Carter
December 8th – Jim Morrison
December 9th – Kirk Douglas
December 10th – Emily Dickinson
December 11th -Nikki Sixx
December 12th – Frank Sinatra
December 13th – Taylor Swift
December 14th – Vanessa Hudgens
December 15th – Adam Brody
December 16th – Jane Austin
December 17th – Pope Francis
December 18th – Brad Pitt
December 19th – Jake Gyllenhaal
December 20th – Lara Stone
December 21st – Samuel L. Jackson


(December 22nd to January 20th)
December 22nd – Ted Cruz
December 23rd – Eddie Vedder
December 24th – Ryan Seacrest
December 25th – Isaac Newton
December 26th – Jared Leto
December 27th – Hayley Williams
December 28th – Denzel Washington
December 29th – Mary Tyler Moore
December 30th – LeBron James
December 31st – Anthony Hopkins
January 1st – J.D Salinger
January 2nd – Michael Tippett
January 3rd – J.R.R Tolkien
January 4th – Alexa Curtis
January 5th – Bradley Cooper
January 6th – Rowan Atkinson
January 7th – Nicholas Cage
January 8th – Stephen Hawking
January 9th – Richard Nixon
January 10th – Rod Stewart
January 11th – Cody Simpson
January 12th – Jeff Bezos
January 13th – Patrick Dempsey
January 14th – LL Cool J
January 15th – Pitbull
January 16th – Kate Moss
January 17th – Jim Carrey
January 18th – Kevin Costner
January 19th – Edgar Allan Poe
January 20th – Bill Maher


(January 21st to February 18th)
January 21st – Paul Allen
January 22nd – Diane Lane
January 23rd – Mariska Hargitay
January 24th – Neil Diamond
January 25th – Alicia Keys
January 26th – Ellen DeGeneres
January 27th – Alan Cumming
January 28th – Rick Ross
January 29th – Oprah Winfrey
January 30th – Christian Bale
January 31st – Jackie Robinson
February 1st – Harry Styles
February 2nd – Shakira
February 3rd – Norman Rockwell
February 4th – Rosa Parks
February 5th – Cristiano Ronaldo
February 6th – Bob Marley
February 7th – Ashton Kutcher
February 8th – James Dean
February 9th – Kelli Berglund
February 10th – Elizabeth Banks
February 11th – Jennifer Aniston
February 12th – Ab Lincoln
February 13th – Jerry Springer
February 14th – Simon Pegg
February 15th – Chris Farley
February 16th – The Weekend
February 17th – Michael Jordan
February 18th – Dr. Dre


(February 19th to March 20th)
February 19th – Lee Marvin
February 20th – Rihanna
February 21st – Alan Rickman
February 22nd – Steve Irwin
February 23rd – Dakota Fanning
February 24th – Steve Jobs
February 25th – Carrot Top
February 26th – Johnny Cash
February 27th – Elizabeth Taylor
February 28th – Brian Jones
March 1st – David Niven
March 2nd – Daniel Craig
March 3rd – Jessica Biel
March 4th – Khaled Hosseini
March 5th – Eva Mendes
March 6th – Michelangelo
March 7th – Laura Prepon
March 8th – Aidan Quinn
March 9th – Bobby Fischer
March 10th – Carrie Underwood
March 11th – Douglas Adams
March 12th – James Taylor
March 13th – Adam Clayton
March 14th – Albert Einstein
March 15th – Eva Longoria
March 16th – Lauren Graham
March 17th – Kurt Russell
March 18th – Adam Levine
March 19th – Bruce Willis
March 20th – Fernando Torres