Travel With Me So I Can Finally Tell You How I Really Feel


When I watch the sun rise so gracefully over the snow-topped mountains, my lips form into a sense of awe although I stay silent while my heart screams. Because not matter how hard I try, no combination of the 171,476 words in the dictionary could describe the beauty in front of me.

I feel the same when I look at you.

When I become one with nature, a smile forms so naturally on my face that I can’t help but laugh at the small crinkles at the edge of my mouth that have developed over the years. The fact I can look into the wilderness and feel no fear, only hope is a feeling that I cannot describe through a text or a Facebook status. It is one that time will never be able to take away because the memory is too strong to ever fade.

I feel the same when you look at me.

Sometimes in the middle of a new city, a new hiking path, or an ever-falling waterfall, I just stop. I stop planning, thinking out my next move, waiting for the next thing to happen and I listen. I listen to the people, the animals, the sounds, and most of all I listen to my heart. Every place I venture elevates this heartbeat just enough to make me understand the influence earth has on me.

You bring my heart that same excitement.

Like the same childish excitement I get when someone mentions traveling to a place I have never been, a mountain I have never climbed, a river I have never swam. Like a kid, I become giddy with the thought of exploring somewhere whether I have been there 100 times or never at all. Because with nature, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been there before, all it matters is the happiness it brings you. One can eat cereal for breakfast every day and never be disappointed, the same can be said when I step out of the fresh dirt and I feel it go through my soul as if I was a tree taking root.

I feel the same when I am with you.

Understand when I say I want to travel with you, it’s because when you ask me how I feel, I’m speechless. You bring me the same excitement, happiness, and hope that nature does, but I will never be able to put it into words without fumbling.

So please, come with me. Let me show you how much you mean to me because that way I will never fall short of words.