Truck Driver Causes Seven Car Pileup, Flees Scene Of Crash In The Nude


Some interesting news out of my hometown of Cincinnati. An out-of-control truck driver by the name of Tracy Martin was going over 80 miles per hour on the interstate shoulder when he hit two cars, collided with another, and sent his truck flipping over the median. His driving was said to be completely erratic, but it couldn’t hold a candle to what happened next.

The driver bolted out of his truck cabin, completely naked, and began sprinting down the highway. Onlookers said that the man ran over a mile, with not a scrap of clothing on him.

When the police came to apprehend him, not even a taser could stop him.

“It was just the most bizarre thing I had ever seen,” said Mindy Banks, an onlooker at the crash scene, “I was videotaping when they tased the man right outside my car. The Taser did not faze him.”

Police suspect drug involvement, but they aren’t sure of what specific substance was at play here. Martin is being charged with three counts of vehicular assault, operating a vehicle under the influence, and resisting arrest. Thankfully, there were no fatalities in the crash.