Trump Admits He Doesn’t Have Tapes Of His Meetings With Comey, Which Surprises No One


Anyone who’s been following the Comey hearings has heard of Trump’s claim that he had recordings of his conversations with the ex-FBI director, as said on Twitter.

So it should come to no surprise to anyone that these tapes don’t actually exist. Today, over a month after Trump made the claim, he admitted that he didn’t own any recordings of the conversations between the two.

So basically, Trump never knew if tapes existed, but he also didn’t know if they didn’t exist. Which is a pretty bizarre way to publicly threaten someone, if you ask me.

Why would the president make a threat like this? Is it because Comey isn’t telling us something, or is it because he wants people to think Comey isn’t telling us something so that people would lose faith in the ex-FBI director? Because even Comey seemed comforted by the idea that these recordings might’ve existed, which doesn’t exactly look great on Trump.

And, another thing: why didn’t he just tell us that he didn’t have the recordings, oh, I don’t know, a month ago?

According to journalist Timothy L. O’Brien, this isn’t the first time Trump has said he had recordings and then later changed his story after he was asked under oath if it were true. He did the same thing with O’Brien on multiple occasions when the journalist covered him in his New York Times articles and later when he wrote a biography about Trump.

So, what should we make of this habit? Lying as a businessman in the media is one thing; lying as the President of the United States who is currently being investigated for obstruction of justice is another thing entirely. For some reason, I have a feeling this is going to come back to haunt him.