Trump Isn’t Making America Great Again, He’s Just Embarrassing Us




I usually do not discuss politics. Mainly, like religion, people aren’t going to change their opinion despite any facts thrown their way. (And let’s be honest…sometimes these ‘facts’ are shimmered with opinionated verbiage) Politics, in general, are personal.  A person’s political affiliation has to do with their moral character and beliefs. I respect and understand this and I am usually interested in why they feel the way they do. It’s intriguing to me because more often than not, there is a lot of merit in what they are saying and a glimpse into their background.

That said, I have a raw tortured tearing in my gut when it comes to Trump and his supporters.  It is beyond the scope of politics in which I feel the way I do. I can’t wrap my head around a person who has this undying loyalty to this man. I find it difficult to even say, “President Trump”, because for me, politics aside, it is embarrassing as an American that this man is our President.

Gone are the days in which someone discussing the President’s policies were based -not on their personal character- but their political agenda(s). My problems with President Obama and President Bush stemmed from the administration’s political ideals and decisions. I didn’t find myself unable to respect either of these leaders and didn’t find myself embarrassed or sickened by the mere mention of their names.

My entire life I felt everyone-despite their political affiliation- should respect our President of the United States…because he was THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

I can’t feel this way about this man in our office and it bothers me. It has absolutely nothing to do with politics, but time and time again, Donald J. Trump, the President of the United States, has shown us who he actually is…so why are we not believing him?

I’ve tried to share this with Trump Supporters and I end up ridiculed or shamed into thinking my thoughts are theatrical and delusional. This is a man who has admitted to being a sexual predator, a racist, a bigot, a man who made fun of someone who was handicapped…how is this ignored? How are these actions met with a sighing disregard and shrugged off as “not that big of a deal in the huge scope of things.”

For me, it is a big deal, just as it was a big deal when President Clinton lied and did things in the Oval Office in which the country would have been better off not hearing about. Yet, it happened and it will taint his legacy forever. How is Trump this Teflon character and untouchable? And why is it as Americans, we are not as disgusted and embarrassed as we were about a consensual sexual act between two adults- one being the President of the United States- in the late 1990’s?

My fear is we have been so desensitized that Trump’s extreme personality is becoming normal. We are getting used to it. This disturbs me. I find it difficult to relate to anyone (especially if they claim to be Christian) who are so loyal to this man to whom they make excuses for his horrid behavior that certain friendships have been severed. We are more divided as a country than ever before. I wonder in the hopes to make “America Great Again”,  we stumbled so blindly down a rabbit hole that we will never recover.

Only time will tell.