Trump Tower Caught On Fire And It’s Already The Hottest Meme Of 2018


Is it just me or does it sometimes feel like the world is burning to the ground (quite literally)? It’s been a crazy year already, and I have no doubt in my mind that 2018 will be just as WTF-worthy as 2017. Seriously, just think about what has happened within the last eight (yes, eight) days and just let it sink in.

So yeah, maybe we were wrong to think 2018 was going to be better — but then again, maybe not. In perhaps a symbolic twist of fate, life has apparently decided to make this morning’s headlining news pun-worthy: Trump Tower caught on fire this morning, only days after the tell-all book about his presidency started making waves online.



Let’s just say that it made for some pretty fire (hahahaha) memes.

Things aren’t going so well for Trump today, huh?

Perhaps this means it’s finally our time?

On a more serious note, the fire was successfully put out an hour later and only two people were treated for minor injuries. So now that we know that it wasn’t actually a tragedy, please keep those memes coming.