Trump’s Dumbass Tweet About Turning Down Time’s ‘Person Of The Year’ Award Is The Greatest New Twitter Meme For Celebrities


It’s that time of year: Time Magazine is looking for their Person of the Year, and the candidates include a lot of familiar faces. Taylor Swift, Colin Kaepernick and the Pope are all up there — and so is good ol’ President Trump.

It’s no surprise that Trump managed to turn even a simple nomination into some sort of controversy. This past weekend he tweeted about it, claiming that he prematurely turned the “win” down.

Of course, it true Twitter fashion, it didn’t take long for the parodies to flow in.

But what’s so great about the people mocking Trump is that almost all of them are celebrities. For instance, our early 2000s dreamboat Lance Bass from NSYNC.

Or tennis player Andy Murray.

And New York Mets player Noah Syndergaard.

Let’s not forget the genius Get Out creator Jordan Peele.

And absolute legend Julia Louis-Dreyfus had her own take on it.

Some may say it’s harsh to mock Trump like this, but honestly, the president himself may be full of shit. According to Time, his tweet was incorrect.

I can think of about a million people who deserve Person of the Year more than Trump. For instance:

Bob Newby deserves this. Just saying.