Trust Me, You’re Not Alone In Your Brokenness


You’re hurt. You’re broken. But on the surface, you’re nothing short of invincible.

The world perceives you as the man from Krypton, completely untarnished despite going through the same ordeal your once significant other is going through. Yet, she’s given every reason to hurt and it was all because of you. She’s allowed to paint you as the villain, who never cared for her in the first place. But you did, didn’t you?

You responded to the late-night texts, signifying those moments of distress; the moments that were your priority. Because she was your world and you would do anything for this person who managed to see past your weird personality. You drove for an hour just to make sure that she was okay, in spite of the exam you had the day tomorrow. You were happy to become her support system, because you knew how hard it was for her to let someone in. You thought you did everything right, didn’t you?

But all of that came crashing down. Being taken for granted, you secluded into your own castle. Your heart, which was never much to begin with, was upgrading its walls. These walls were indestructible. These walls were the beginning of your never ending “almost-relationships,” something you’ve begun to realize you never wanted in the first place. It’s not wise, yes, but the heart does everything the brain suggests not to.

To heal, it says. But in truth, you wanted nothing more but to be vulnerable. You wanted to be the man you were, the person that wouldn’t hurt another soul. But you’re the villain remember?

For the sake of doing her one last act out of love, you take the role of the villain. You choose your armour, your weapon of mass destruction and you pretend to paint the world red. After a while, however, this role became a part of who you are. Someone who wasn’t going to care about other people’s feelings, because he knew that he could get what he wanted; in the way he wanted it. All of it became a game to him, filled with elaborate plans and fool proof strategies to emulate the notion of love.

But if you’re reading this, then trust me, you’re not alone. If you’re sitting there, reading the words of another broken man; then you should realize that we’re in this together. For all I care, the world can perceive you as Thor, but it’s important for you to know that there is a friend willing to listen. A friend willing to understand.