Trust That Your Heart Knows The Truth, Even When Your Mind Cannot Make Sense Of It


If there is nothing else in this world that you can trust, please know that your heart knows what is true. Your heart can sense what’s right for you, what’s on the path you were meant for. Your heart will know what’s going to help you evolve and expand into the person you are longing to be, and it will know what’s standing in the way of that as well.

The heart’s communication is subtle.

It does not inform you of that truth through the voice in your head, but rather, the very quiet inklings at your core. Your mind will not be able to place these feelings, nor make sense of them. Your mind is dedicated to the path you have laid, the pieces of a life you built for a person you still believe you are. Your mind craves reason and certainty and structure and logic and clarity, and that is precisely what will cause the most resistance.

Love is not reasonable.

Callings are not certain.

Awakening releases structure.

Soul does not operate through logic.

Your mind has built safety through believing that there is only one path to walk, only one way of life to be experienced in a lifetime.

Your heart knows something much greater. It knows that you were meant to seek what makes you come alive, it knows that the gifts embedded in you could heal many others, and it knows exactly the person that you are meant to be, even if you can’t imagine anything else right now.

Your heart goes slowly. It does not act impulsively or irrationally or with anger. The heart simply shows you what is true through the feelings that simply do not fade. The heart shows you where you’re meant to be by where it keeps bringing you. The heart is comfortable taking leaps of faith, because it can feel what’s on the other side. The heart is used to believing before it can see. The heart is the centermost part of who you are, and the truth that lives there is the one you are meant to follow.

The most important journey of your life is not the one where you find the willpower to press forward with a life you do not truly want, but rather, to dare greatly, to lay it all on the line, to step over the horizon, to leap and trust that the road will rise to meet you.

You may believe that it has been your rational mind that’s gotten you where you are today, but it’s truly been a thousand unknowns that have come to life, little feelings that you followed despite everything that told you not to, little urges that were calling you into an entirely different world — one you could not yet see, but inevitably knew would be true.

It may have taken you a while to see clearly, but your heart has known the entire time. The question is not will you follow it or not, but how long will you wait until you begin the life that you know is meant to be yours.